Check and check again – #Genchat January 24 2014

I missed out on this Genchat as I was hosting an early Australia Day BBQ – 9pm CST in the USA is 2pm the following day down here in Australia.

imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:00pm via TweetDeck

Tonight we will be discussing “Capturing all the details: one document at a time.” #genchat#genealogy


As usual a challenge was set ! I’m going to  fudge and use the story of my husband’s great grandfather, Thomas Aron Tiearney , where we didn’t realise that there were another 4 pages to the US Consulate document in South Africa of a century ago. Here is the story !

imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:06pm via TweetDeck

A1, con: Have you carefully considered every document you have already found? Been intentional about looking at details? #genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:01pm via TweetDeck

Q1: What does this question imply to you? How do you interpret it? #genchat
imageGenealogyCircleJan 25, 2:02pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 Looking over some of my previous finds when I was new to genealogy. I’m sure I overlooked clues to further research. #genchat
imageMillennial_GenJan 25, 2:03pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1: Look at all aspects of documents, all angles, keywords, time, location, etc. #genchat
imagegaballisonJan 25, 2:03pm via

A1: Making sure to look at everything in a document; also looking at pages before and after if applicable. #genchat
imagekmjordan73Jan 25, 2:03pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1: Capture all the information – you might need the unexpected later! #genchat
imageannroyal58Jan 25, 2:03pm via Web

#genchat A1 Capturing all the information, means looking at the document analytically, what’s direct evidence, indirect or negative evidence
imagehuboutourvilleJan 25, 2:03pm via Twitter for iPhone

A1 You should not overlook information on a document that seems not important. Every little detail counts. #genchat
imageCarolinaGirlGenJan 25, 2:03pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Look at everything. Go back over the things you already have along with the new. #genchat
imageleprchaunrabbitJan 25, 2:04pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 Read between the lines, sometimes an indirect statement makes a direct impact#genchat
imagenelleFamTreeJan 25, 2:04pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 don’t get distracted by where the details can lead until you have covered the whole document#genchat
imagecatekunziJan 25, 2:04pm via Web

A1: also, identifying the information of persons/places/data of people/land/resources that SURROUND the person I’m researching.#genchat
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:04pm via Web

A1? Consider all info on document including who reported it & how well they know it. #genchat
imagemslaceylooJan 25, 2:05pm via TweetDeck

A) Not only do you have to look at what the document says but also put it into historical context. What is it? What is the purpose?#Genchat
imageannroyal58Jan 25, 2:05pm via Web

#genchat looking whether it’s primary, secondary or indeterminate. Recording all the information and citing it properly.
imageMeetyouinOhioJan 25, 2:05pm via Twitter for iPhone

A1 Get every detail, obscure today, missing piece tomorrow #genchat
imageMillennial_GenJan 25, 2:05pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@mslaceyloo what events happened around it? are there people who might have wanted it altered to protect individuals? #genchat
imageleprchaunrabbitJan 25, 2:05pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 do not be discouraged by spelling, education of the scribe may be lacking NOT your ancestor#genchat
PendlePostJan 25, 2:07pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1, con: Unfortunately, no. That was before I knew better. Now I need to revisit them. #genchat
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:08pm via

A1 con: No I need to go back over many documents. At the beginning I would just look for new info or what I wanted to know. #genchat
imagemslaceylooJan 25, 2:08pm via TweetDeck

A1 con) I think of the document in the context of writing a story or biographical sketch. #genchat
imagegaballisonJan 25, 2:09pm via

A1, con: I’m sure there are all sorts of things I glossed over in the past so hopefully I can go over those docs again soon. #genchat
imageCarolinaGirlGenJan 25, 2:09pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 con. I have been looking at some of my old research and documents lately. Just to see how much I missed. #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:10pm via TweetDeck

Q1, con: Was it inexperience that kept you from examining each word, or something else?#genchat #genealogy
imageJenBookChickJan 25, 2:11pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 con Mainly excitement, along with lack of knowledge in relation to other family. Neighbors on census were related, etc. #genchat
imageLatvianRootsJan 25, 2:11pm via

A1, con: I would say not knowing the importance. Tip for religious records: Godparents can be very important! #genchat
imagegaballisonJan 25, 2:11pm via

A1 con (2): Definitely inexperience (I only started researching in 2012) but also impatience to find the next piece of my tree! #genchat
imagelarrytom2Jan 25, 2:11pm via Web

Probably inexperience at staying focused. so easy to get distracted and off chasing.#genchat
imageGenealogicsJan 25, 2:11pm via Twitter for iPhone

#genchat A1 Even if you thoroughly consider details and context initially, your perspective and inferences changes as their story grows
imagekmjordan73Jan 25, 2:12pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1, con 2: Yup, not knowing all the gems in documents unrelated to the current goal #genchat
imageGenealogyCircleJan 25, 2:12pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 con: Also thought names and dates were all I needed back then #genchat
imagemslaceylooJan 25, 2:12pm via TweetDeck

A1) I thought that I was just gathering facts, not creating stories. I guess you could say inexperience. #genchat
imageAnnepastsJan 25, 2:13pm via

A1 Inexperience. I didn’t understand the importance of some of the information #genchat
imagewalkingyourtreeJan 25, 2:13pm via Twubs

A1 cont’d. Inexperience or lack of time. Big grab at FHL doesn’t allow lots of analysis opp. #genchat
imagenelleFamTreeJan 25, 2:13pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

When I started – all I cared about was how big my tree could be #genchat
imagewalkingyourtreeJan 25, 2:14pm via Twubs

A1 cont’d. Plus there’s nothing like taking a class that gives a whole new spin on a doc. #genchat
imagelarrytom2Jan 25, 2:16pm via Web

A1 It’s too easy to forget that the document may tell you lots. easy to think finding the document is the end #genchat
imageHistorianaJan 25, 2:16pm via Web

A1Con:Early inexperience, which fostered a false sense of judgement.Thinking I only needed xy&z, when every piece can be important. #genchat
imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:31pm via Twitter for iPad

.“@CodyAllenNelson: A1 Get every detail, obscure today, missing piece tomorrow #genchat” Hi, all. Late to #genchat. Agree with Cody on A1.
imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:33pm via Twitter for iPad

. “@huboutourville: Ditto”@JenBookChick: A1 No, & I need to revisit old documents #genchat”” On my 2014 To-Do List, too: re-visit old docs.

imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 8:52am via Tweetbot for Mac

A1: For me it implies making sure with every doc you are thorough and realize it may have information you might not be expecting. #genchat


imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:14pm via TweetDeck

Q2: Do you know, with assurance, what you already have in your research and what you are missing? #genchat
imagenelleFamTreeJan 25, 2:15pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2: for the more recent generations that I knew by name and face, but the further away the less I remember what I have and need #genchat
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:15pm via

A2: Not totally and not w/ assurance. I know some things I am missing and some I have. Need to update my Excel file w/ sources/docs #genchat
imageGenealogyCircleJan 25, 2:16pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 Probably not. When I go back through files I’m surprised at times what I do have. #genchat
imagesthomas51004Jan 25, 2:16pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2: I have an idea on my newest research but the stuff I did when I first started no…I jumped around a lot. #genchat
imageMillennial_GenJan 25, 2:16pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@ancestryjourney finding what is missing I think is the hardest thing for me…. sometimes misspellings are difficult with surnames#genchat
imageMeetyouinOhioJan 25, 2:16pm via Twitter for iPhone

A2 I have boxes of unsorted, dare I say unknown items/records #genchat
imagePendlePostJan 25, 2:16pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 When I look though my computer files sometimes I find things that I forgot I had.#genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:17pm via TweetDeck

Q2, con: How often do you review previous research? How often do you think you SHOULD?#genchat #genealogy
imageJerseyRootsGeniJan 25, 2:17pm via HootSuite

@ancestryjourney A2. Need to go over all files for review. I know I have docs that I haven’t looked at in a long time. #genchat
imagekmjordan73Jan 25, 2:18pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2, con: When picking up research in that area again, I look over what I have there first. #genchat
imageBevno59Jan 25, 2:18pm via

Q2 cont I find blogging makes me review what I have, and what I need #genchat
imageGenealogyCircleJan 25, 2:19pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 con: Part of my plan in organizing my research files this year is to review where I am on each ancestor. #genchat
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:19pm via

A2 con: I don’t review docs very much. I probably should annually or any time I go back to research that person/family #genchat
imageconfusethedeadJan 25, 2:19pm via

a2. thats a very good idea.. blogging your finds.. reminds you what you have @Bevno59 #genchat

imagelarrytom2Jan 25, 2:20pm via Web

Q2 I review previous research when I start reviewing ancestors and have to refresh my memory. #genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:20pm via TweetDeck

A2, con: Yes, blogging. But admittedly, I tend to get stuck on one line for too long, ignore others.#wristslap #smartgoal #genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:21pm via TweetDeck

A2, con: I feel like my blog is very much a part of my research analysis now. It became that naturally. #genchat


imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:22pm via TweetDeck

Q2, con: Can you talk about a time you discovered something new when reviewing a doc? #genchat#genealogy
imageJenBookChickJan 25, 2:23pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 Found “lost” family members by doing the page before/page after thing in a census record I already had #genchat
imageCherylsTwigsJan 25, 2:28pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q2, con: Viewing more than date on GGUncle death certif, discovered cause of death was insanity in insane asylum. Must be a story!#genchat

imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:35pm via Twitter for iPad

.“@GenealogyCircle: A2 Probably not. When I go back through files I’m surprised at times what I do have. #genchat” – I agree with Cindy.

imagesthomas51004Jan 25, 2:20pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

I agree that since I have started blogging again it helps me see what I am missing. #genchat

imageJenBookChickJan 25, 2:23pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 Found “lost” family members by doing the page before/page after thing in a census record I already had #genchat
imageGenealogyCircleJan 25, 2:24pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 con: When I learned to look at the neighbors on a census. Found loads of collatrel ancestors this way. #genchat

imagecatekunziJan 25, 2:24pm via Web

A2 – its happened more than once on census records alone. People that I shouldve noticed before on the original document(neighbors)#genchat

MyTrueRootsJan 25, 2:23pm via Web

@ancestryjourney My Blog has helped me also stay organized. It does come naturally. #genchat

imageBevno59Jan 25, 2:27pm via

imageRootdigger2011Jan 25, 2:21pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Blogging helps me get my info out and not in files.
imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:37pm via Twitter for iPad

#genchat A2. I don’t review docs often enough. I know there are items in old letters that I haven’t “captured.”
imagePendlePostJan 25, 3:49pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 Ugh left out important word: When I looked at a census record again & noticed my great grandmother had been “married” twice. #genchat
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 8:53am via Tweetbot for Mac

A2: I never have assurances about anything! LOL – The short answer – No. I’m in a constant state of going back-ahead-back-ahead. #genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:26pm via TweetDeck

Q3: There are many ways to review doc’s. What is your best method? #genchat #genealogy

imageleprchaunrabbitJan 25, 2:23pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q3 read throuth, read again, transcribe, read again #genchat
imageannroyal58Jan 25, 2:28pm via

A3 then I come back to it to see the forest through the trees. #genchat
imageAnnepastsJan 25, 2:28pm via

A3: Sometimes to slow down and mull on what i found there, to understand the significance#genchat
imagePendlePostJan 25, 2:28pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A3 I don’t really have a method. I know I should probably transcribe. I remember things better when I write/type them. #genchat
imagemslaceylooJan 25, 2:28pm via TweetDeck

Q3) Make an extra copy and write new questions. This way I can see if I can already answer the questions with what I have! #genchat
imageMeetyouinOhioJan 25, 2:29pm via Twitter for iPhone

A3 Just writing down answers, I don’t think I have a confirmed method yet… #genchat
imageAnnepastsJan 25, 2:29pm via

A3: Tell someone in my family about my find, even if they don’t really want to hear! #genchat
imageHistorianaJan 25, 2:30pm via Web

A3: Slowly, more than once, dedicating all my attention to it for awhile….sit a spell and have some tea with it…metaphorically #genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:30pm via TweetDeck

#genchat A3: Read it once in excitement, because you just found it! Do a happy dance… but then…
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:30pm via TweetDeck

#genchat A3… read it every day for the next 7 days, just to be sure you consume it all
imageJerseyRootsGeniJan 25, 2:31pm via HootSuite

A3. Transcribe the document. Lots of good info is *seen* through the method. #genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:31pm via TweetDeck

A3: Have a geneafriend read it too. What do they see that you don’t? #genchat
imageCarolinaGirlGenJan 25, 2:31pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Entering the info into my gene program helps too#genchat
imageCherylsTwigsJan 25, 2:32pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A3 Transcribe every word – always see more than when first read document #genchat
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:33pm via

A3 Timeline. I like timelines and will put docs in timeline to see if it all fits together. #genchat
imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:45pm via Twitter for iPad

.“@Genealogics#genchat A3c Death records, marriage docs have tidbits that seemed unimportant at first but later eye opening” Agree w/ Matt
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 8:56am via Tweetbot for Mac

A3: I try to look for ‘at-a-glance’ info first and then go back through(many x’s)and wade through the deets. Depends on the doc. #genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:35pm via TweetDeck

Q4: What is the most difficult record or source you have dealt with? #genchat

imagemslaceylooJan 25, 2:36pm via TweetDeck

Q4) inherited pedigree charts! #genchat


imageAnnepastsJan 25, 2:37pm via

A4: WW1 service record (British) I don’t understand all the abbreviations and hard to work out the timeline of events #genchat
imageJenBookChickJan 25, 2:37pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A4 Various documents that were transcribed/indexed incorrectly #genchat
imageBevno59Jan 25, 2:37pm via

Q4 horrible handwriting on census #genchat
imageCherylsTwigsJan 25, 2:37pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q4: poor digital images – faded or blackened#genchat
imagesamspostingJan 25, 2:39pm via Twitter for iPad

My Smart Goal is to organize my files on my computer & save 2 external hard drive. #genchat” And to cloud!
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:39pm via TweetDeck

Q4, con: Do you still have work to do on this document or style of doc, or are you satisfied that you have found everything? #genchat
imagenelleFamTreeJan 25, 2:39pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A4 Wills and probate records. a lot of repetition that I tend to skim, plus the hard to read handwriting. #genchat
imageGenealogicsJan 25, 2:40pm via Twitter for iPhone

#genchat A4: hardest record by far is the 1890 census. Can never find what I need… #genealogy#familyhistory
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:41pm via TweetDeck

Yes, can be very tough >> RT @Annepasts: A4: Wills. They took a lot of words to say little, and not sure if I have got the meaning #genchat
imagelarrytom2Jan 25, 2:42pm via Web

A4 If a doc has given you problems you should never really be satisfied you’ve beaten it. #genchat
imageRootdigger2011Jan 25, 2:42pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q4. Probates, wills and some Spanish Records. My mind goes blank when I am reading them.#genchat
imagecatekunziJan 25, 2:42pm via Web

A4 con: My 2nd hardest are ships manifests into Ellis Island. So hard to read! YES i’ll encounter more (& still have some to study) #genchat
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 9:18am via Tweetbot for Mac

A4: Most diff rec thus far would have to be passenger manifests. The print can be super hard to read or illegible all together. #genchat
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 9:19am via Tweetbot for Mac

A4: Still trying to figure out what 2 of them say (writing on top of writing, old etc.) – but it’ll happen.#genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:44pm via TweetDeck

... re-examine it, post it, blog it. Find the info you missed before! #genchat CHALLENGE
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 9:21am via Tweetbot for Mac

A5: I would say ‘easiest’ docs are marriage records, census, death records..each has a lot of info within them. #genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:48pm via TweetDeck

Q5: What is the easiest record type to interpret? Have you overlooked info there, too? #genchat
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 2:49pm via TweetDeck

RT @ConfKeep: … re-examine it, post it, blog it. Find the info you missed before! #genchatCHALLENGE @leprchaunrabbit
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 25, 2:49pm via

A5: Probably marriage record for easiest record, 2nd probably the census #genchat
imageannroyal58Jan 25, 2:50pm via

A5 for me 1900+ Census records are the easiest, and not looking at neighbors is probably the easiest mistake to make, #genchat
imagegaballisonJan 25, 2:51pm via

A5: I would say census, but I know I’ve completely missed other family members living nearby so I can never be sure. #genchat
imagenelleFamTreeJan 25, 2:51pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A5: Census. I usually start here, often easier to trace households, the “newer” the better.#genchat
imageRootdigger2011Jan 25, 2:51pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A5 Con I have still missed things in the marriage records or overlooked 🙂
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:52pm via TweetDeck

A5: point is, you can’t really take any of it at face value, can you? Dive deep into EVERY record/source you find. #genchat #genealogy
imagesamspostingJan 25, 3:02pm via Twitter for iPad

A5 #genchat. Agree census records deceptively easy … Easy to miss lots of valuable info. Want to go back thru these records, too.
imagebetsympls612Jan 27, 9:21am via Tweetbot for Mac

A5: I would say ‘easiest’ docs are marriage records, census, death records..each has a lot of info within them. #genchat
imageConfKeepJan 25, 2:43pm via TweetDeck

#genchat CHALLENGE! Find a doc in your existing research, preferably one that you have already talked about… 1/2
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 7:34am via Buffer

One Worth Watching – S.M.A.R.T. goals

imageRootdigger2011Jan 25, 3:11pm via Facebook

Ancestral Breezes: #genchat challenge : SMART goals
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 3:25pm via TweetDeck

Success stories: when you do review a document! •…
#genchat #genealogy

imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 3:26pm via TweetDeck

Take time to reassess, it works! #genchat#genealogy…@treelinescom
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 3:26pm via TweetDeck

Do a double take on every record! #genchat#genealogy •…
imageancestryjourneyJan 25, 3:32pm via NetworkedBlogs

#genchat Challenge! What Have You Missed?
If you have your paper files organized by whatever method works for you, organize your comp files the same way. E-Zr to find #genchat
imagesamspostingJan 27, 11:20am via Twitter for iPad

“@nelleFamTree: Working on my #genchathomework. Reexamining past research.#genealogy” Me, too! Re-read some old letters w/#family hx.
imageConfKeepJan 25, 3:32pm via TweetDeck

#genchat CHALLENGE “What have you missed?” is now live!


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