#Genchat – January 10 2014 – Goals for 2014 – Favourite Tweets

My first #Genchat – wondering what it will be like – it’s focused on Setting Goals for 2014 – here are my highlighted tweets

imageancestryjourneyJan 11, 4:20pm via Pinterest

Are you ready to accept the very first #genchatchallenge? #genealogypinterest.com/pin/5518317605…


imageancestryjourneyJan 11, 3:58pm via TweetDeckAnnouncing the BRAND NEW #genchatCHALLENGE! Surprised, ya’ll, didn’t I?ancestralbreezes.blogspot.com/2014/01/gencha… #genealogy

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:56pm via TweetChat powered by oneQubeSchedule for all 2014 chats! #genchatconferencekeeper.net/genchat-2014.h…#genealogy


imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:01pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q1: Have you made goals for your #genealogyresearch for 2014? Yes or no? #genchat

imageKassieLNelsonJan 11, 2:02pm via WebA1: Yes. Need to focus on reviewing the research I’ve already conducted and organization more.#genchat

imageMillennial_GenJan 11, 2:02pm via TweetChat powered by oneQubeI would also like to reflect more on my work and source even better


imagegenaortegaJan 11, 2:04pm via WebA1: Actually my goal is to scan photos/documents and get them uploaded and shared. #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:06pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q2: Are your goals specific to a certain ancestral line or all over the place? Why? #genchat

imagesamspostingJan 11, 2:06pm via Twitter for iPadA1 #genchat Last yr. pub book on 1 ancestor. This year I want to get all fam stories out of the filing cabinet, polished & put online.

imageKassieLNelsonJan 11, 2:09pm via Web

@betsympls612 Blogging can be a great way of helping you review your research and connect with distant cousins. #genchat

imagegeneapleauJan 11, 2:09pm via tchat.io

A2: I kinda based my goals on my to-do list#genchat

genaortegaJan 11, 2:10pm via Web

Great idea: MT @Annepasts A2 All over. Want to find out about those that served in #WW1 for 100 anniversary #genchat

imagebetsympls612Jan 11, 2:09pm via Tweetbot for Mac

A2: My goals aren’t specific to an ancestral line. I think because I like jumping around and filling in the information as it comes #genchat

imageSallyOnTheGoJan 11, 2:09pm via tchat.io

A2 Mine are all over the place. I work on what interests me, or what new record sets might be available. #genchat

DanteEubanksJan 11, 2:12pm via Twitter for Android

all over as I find things randomly which leads to new discoveries eventually leading to organized searches #genchat


imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:10pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q3: Share just one of your #genealogy goals for 2014. Do we have any cross over? #genchat

imageGenealogyCircleJan 11, 2:13pm via TweetChat powered by oneQubeA3 Finish! I have many research/organizing projects open. Get back to them! Finish what I start! #genchat


imageDanteEubanksJan 11, 2:13pm via Twitter for AndroidA3 to get my research online thru blogs to help others & engage family members #genchat

imagesamspostingJan 11, 2:14pm via Twitter for iPad

#genchat A3 I am currently focusing on my ancestors who fought in wars… But as I said, I am easily distracted

.imagealhupartuJan 11, 2:14pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@ConfKeep Q3 Interview relatives get the family interested in sharing our story


imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:16pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q4: Do your goals include educational programs, volunteer roles or just research? #genchat

imageJenBookChickJan 11, 2:17pm via Web

A4 Mainly research, although open to educational opportunities including webinars. #genchat

imageconfusethedeadJan 11, 2:17pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

a4 … all of the above… joining lots of stuff more following then volunteering #genchat

imageAnnepastsJan 11, 2:18pm via tchat.ioA4 Writing and sharing, research and some education. #genchat

imageDapperHistorianJan 11, 2:21pm via Web

@ConfKeep Surround yourself with people who know everything about specific areas and give free help in yours to get more back! #genchat

imageMillennial_GenJan 11, 2:20pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

i have a hard time getting into scanning! need more intrinsic motivation #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:23pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q5: Let’s talk about how to get it done. What system do you have in place to ensure that you reach your goals? #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:24pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@geneapleau How will you keep yourself on track to meet your goals? #genchat

SallyOnTheGoJan 11, 2:25pm via tchat.io

A5 For #52ancestors I actually made a spreadsheet with dates and names so I planned for the year! Shocked myself. #genchat

MelTafaroJan 11, 2:25pm via Twitter for iPad

@ConfKeep A5….no system..just keep the list in front of me….shame myself to finish lol #genchat

arbutusdawnJan 11, 2:26pm via Web

A5 the main thing is consciously making time to sit down and actually work on #genealogy#genchat

imageleprchaunrabbitJan 11, 2:29pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A5 System? Have “ColorNote” app on cell & pc; can make colored stickies and write progress on them. Hide ’em too #genchat

imageAnnepastsJan 11, 2:28pm via tchat.io

A5 This year I will break down my list into quarterly goals. Need to be more manageable and realistic. #genchat

jacqistevensJan 11, 2:25pm via Mobile Web (M5)

A5 Simple but brutal: my calendar is a tough task master. Deadlines can sure keep you focused.#genchat

JenBookChickJan 11, 2:33pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Love Evernote! RT @familytreeblog A5 – a good tool to use for tracking goals and keeping track is @evernote#genchat

Q6: Do you review your goals regularly? How do you keep on task? #genchat

imageSparrowBeth73Jan 11, 2:31pm via Web

A6: I SHOULD review my goals regularly. I probably review them 3-4 times a year. And my to-do list on Ancestry more. #genchat

imagegeneapleauJan 11, 2:30pm via tchat.io

A6 I put them on my “to do” app. works for me!#genchat

imageMillennial_GenJan 11, 2:30pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

i need to review my goals regularly, i recently made long to-do lists, but I’m scared they will fly away #genchat

imageJenBookChickJan 11, 2:30pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A6 Plan on reviewing them monthly. #genchat

ConfKeepJan 11, 2:34pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A6, con: For those that maintain the list of goals, do you have a specific app or tool you use for organization? #genchat

imagebetsympls612Jan 11, 2:35pm via Tweetbot for MacA6: I think because I tend to jump around when researching – it is much harder to stay on task, or on a specific task. #genchat

imageAnnepastsJan 11, 2:35pm via tchat.io A6 The app I use – paper and pen. Keep the list in my journal so I always know where it is #genchat

imagecatekunziJan 11, 2:37pm via Web A6 con – I < the sticky app that @leprchaunrabbitmentioned…the ancestry list…I use Microsoft OneNote folders and Google Drive #genchat

imagesamspostingJan 11, 2:39pm via Twitter for iPad

A6 Keeping gene to-do lists & checking progress- I type up word docs, print, and place in an old-fashioned binder. A mix of tech. #genchat

imagekatfiJan 11, 2:39pm via Tweet Button

@SparrowBeth73 There are good tutorials out for Evernote. #genchat

imagegeneapleauJan 11, 2:38pm via tchat.io@SparrowBeth73 There’s some good YouTube videos & webinars out there on #evernote#genchat

imageGhyxionJan 11, 2:39pm via tchat.io I have a master To Do list that is a Word doc on computer and in Evernote that includes the stuff from Ancestry. #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:40pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A6, con: Do you have an accountability method? A partner to help you stay on track? #genchat#genealogy

imageclaimingkinJan 11, 2:43pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube Not to mention that collaboration ancestor research is a very good thing. There are times when 2 or 3 heads are better than just 1 #genchat

imageAncestorQuestJan 11, 2:46pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube A6 – Part of a research group for one specific line that keeps me on my toes #genchat

imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:46pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Let’s get technical about your goals: Q7: Do you develop S.M.A.R.T. goals or use some other system? #genchat



imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:51pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Challenging all of you to come up with 1 SMART goal for your #genealogy before the next#genchat.
imagetreesrchJan 21, 7:32am via Web

My 2014 goal – #3 Robert Jeffery #genealogy#genchat#52Ancestorsitsagenealogistslife.blogspot.ca

imageSparrowBeth73Jan 17, 3:15pm via Web

@ancestryjourney Another #SMART goal is to blog about 1 ancestor per month (so 12 for the year) #genchat


imageConfKeepJan 11, 2:56pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Schedule for all 2014 chats! #genchatconferencekeeper.net/genchat-2014.h…#genealogy
imageSparrowBeth73Jan 17, 3:14pm via Web

My kissing up #SMART goal is to attend 20#genchat sessions this year. @ancestryjourney
imageBarbFFmJan 17, 11:22am via Web

just placed the #genchat badge on my site.. looking good 😉 schmidtbarbara.wordpress.com
imagegeneapleauJan 20, 5:41am via Twitter for iPad

@ancestryjourney my S.M.A.R.T goal for the#genchat challenge: pull & view the FHL microfilm pertaining to my 2X & 3X grandparents, divorces
imageleprchaunrabbitJan 20, 4:31pm via Twitter for iPhone

If you can, think back to when you started#genealogy; who were your influences?#genealogy

imageJenBookChickJan 17, 1:05am via Web

.@leprchaunrabbit @ancestryjourney My SMART goal is to review the documents I have, sort them by ancestor, & identify bare spots. #genchat



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