My Geni SMART Goals for 2014

January 2014 and my first participation in #genchat – Goals for 2014 was the focus.

Following the #genchat, I was inspired to set up a spreadsheet on Google Drive for my geni goals (even colour coded the cells!) and general goals too – printed it out and pasted into my diary, for easy updates on the run. Then to pick a S.M.A.R.T. goal for #genchat ?

  • To experiment with different IT-Social Media solutions for my genealogy research. Progress on this S.M.A.R.T. Goal so far ??
  • Well I’ve adapted my barely used Tumblr account for my geni finds & learned how to use more of its features (keeping it separate from my WordPress family history websites);
  • I’ve started using Lists in the national Australian digitised newspapers site @TroveAustralia ;
  • And I’ve participated in my first #genchat with @ancestryjourney aka Jen Baldwin;
  •  Not to mention participating in my first Google Plus Hangout, with @geniaus aka Jill Ball.

Although I’ve made a start on this S.M.A.R.T. goal, I still need to apply more effort to be more proficient in the activities that I’ve already started, to progress my goal’s implementation. So a big thank you to other #genchat participants for the inspiration to get more organised ! image Questions & some of my favourite responses from the #genchat : Q1: Have you made goals for your #genealogyresearch for 2014? Yes or no?

  • Yes. Need to focus on reviewing the research I’ve already conducted and organization more.
  • I would also like to reflect more on my work and source even better
  • Actually my goal is to scan photos/documents and get them uploaded and shared.

Q2: Are your goals specific to a certain ancestral line or all over the place? Why?

  • I kinda based my goals on my to-do list
  • My goals aren’t specific to an ancestral line. I think because I like jumping around and filling in the information as it comes 
  • Mine are all over the place. I work on what interests me, or what new record sets might be available.
  • all over as I find things randomly which leads to new discoveries eventually leading to organized searches

Q3: Share just one of your #genealogy goals for 2014. Do we have any cross over?

  • to get my research online thru blogs to help others & engage family members 
  • Interview relatives get the family interested in sharing our story

Q4: Do your goals include educational programs, volunteer roles or just research?

  • Mainly research, although open to educational opportunities including webinars.
  • Surround yourself with people who know everything about specific areas and give free help in yours to get more back!
  • i have a hard time getting into scanning! need more intrinsic motivation

Q5: Let’s talk about how to get it done. What system do you have in place to ensure that you reach your goals? 

  • I actually made a spreadsheet with dates and names so I planned for the year! Shocked myself.
  • no system..just keep the list in front of me….shame myself to finish
  • System? Have “ColorNote” app on cell & pc; can make colored stickies and write progress on them. Hide ‘em too
  • This year I will break down my list into quarterly goals. Need to be more manageable and realistic.

Q6: Do you review your goals regularly? How do you keep on task? 

  • I SHOULD review my goals regularly. I probably review them 3-4 times a year. And my to-do list on Ancestry more
  • I think because I tend to jump around when researching – it is much harder to stay on task, or on a specific task.
  • The app I use – paper and pen. Keep the list in my journal so I always know where it is
  • mentioned…the ancestry list…I use Microsoft OneNote folders and Google Drive
  • I have a master To Do list that is a Word doc on computer and in Evernote that includes the stuff from Ancestry.

Let’s get technical about your goals: Q7: Do you develop S.M.A.R.T. goals or use some other system?

  • Challenging all of you to come up with 1 SMART goal for your #genealogy before the next #genchat

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