#Genchat May 15 2014 – Researching Australia and New Zealand

I was looking forward to participating in this #genchat but family medical situation turned that plan on its head…. so here is a link to my favourite resources for researching Australia and New Zealand family history – and as practical examples here are my family websites with many links to Australian resources – plus family history groups in Australia

However here are my favourite tweets and my own after the chat ..

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:00pm via Nurph

Ok, let’s talk Australia! #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:00pm via Nurph

Q1 Who here has researched in Australia? #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:02pm via TweetDeck

We can include NZ in the chat, too. Not exclusive to AUS. #genchat

geneapleauMay 15, 12:02pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A1 not yet. I’m still looking at NZ though I know some collaterals did go to Oz #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:03pm via Nurph

Q2: What do you want to know about research in AUS/NZ? #genchat

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:03pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Very difficult to exclude NZ when ya chat up abt Oz#genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:04pm via Web

#genchat about Australia i

geneapleauMay 15, 12:04pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A2 I would like to know about rich online resources. It’s so far away! #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:06pm via Nurph

.@caitieamanda What’s something you think everyone should know about research in AUS/NZ? Putting you on the spot. #genchat

DanteEubanksMay 15, 12:07pm via Twitter for Android

A1 I have not entertained AUS yet. But recently learned of my Melanasia roots. Apparently it’s near AUS. #genchat

DanteEubanksMay 15, 12:08pm via Twitter for Android

A2 I want to know what records are currently available. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:08pm via Nurph

Biographical database of AUS: bda-online.org.au#genealogy #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:09pm via Nurph

National Library of Aus:nla.gov.au/app/eresources… #genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:10pm via Twubs

Not all states have their BMD’s online, and I believe only 2 states have online images available (Qld & Vic) but yrs are limited. #genchat

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:11pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

(1) West (2) South (3) Queensland (4) North (5) Victoria (6) New South Wales (7) ACT? and (8) Tasmania! </;) #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:11pm via Nurph

States AND territories. There is a difference.#genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:10pm via Twubs

Not all states have their BMD’s online, and I believe only 2 states have online images available (Qld & Vic) but yrs are limited. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:10pm via Nurph

The Commonwealth of Australia was formed on the 1st January 1901. #goodtoknow #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:11pm via Nurph

Research outline from Fam Hist Lib:net.lib.byu.edu/fslab/research… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:12pm via Nurph

Q3: What is something that varies in this area vs other parts of the world, in terms of #genealogy?#genchat

SparrowBeth73May 15, 12:13pm via Web

A3: The middle desert (outback) or whatever they call it that is sparsely populated. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:14pm via Nurph

A3: Convicts were transported from Ireland to Australia starting in 1788. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:14pm via TweetDeck

@HicksShauna We’re glad to have you, Shauna! Welcome! #genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:15pm via Twubs

Older generations did not want to know about convicts in their family, only recently people starting to embrace it. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:14pm via TweetDeck

@DanteEubanks I def learned a lot getting ready for tonight, that’s for sure… LOL #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:15pm via Nurph

A3: Because of that transportation, remember to search IRISH newspapers as well for family connection. #genchat

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:15pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@ancestryjourney They transported their Brit prisoners to Ireland, YM; then shipped them off to Oz #MadeIrelandLookBad #genchat

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:18pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Q How far back to some of the Australia newspapers go, Dearie? Would be looking for#convict descdnts #genchat

geneapleauMay 15, 12:17pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A3 building on what Jen said, would it be good to check newspapers in countries of origin?#genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:18pm via Web

My impression is that people started embracing convict ancestors in lead up to the Bicentenary in 1988 #genchat #genealogy

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:19pm via Twubs

I’d say a majority of people have convicts in their fam, so I find it odd they did not want to talk about it in the past. #genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:19pm via Web

Only place for newspapers in Australia is @TroveAustralia lots digitised to 1954 & freetrove.nla.gov.au #genchat #genealogy

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:19pm via tchat.io

A3 There are no recent census records available. The decision was made to destroy them.#genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:21pm via TweetDeck

Newspapers, Directories & Social History on @findmypastAU findmypast.com/articles/world…#genchat #blatantplug

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:21pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Oldr mbrs worry that blacksheep will tarnish family honour; what brings them around? Blacksheep children that marry into DAR/SAR#genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:20pm via Web

@ancestryjourney I think people are really thrilled to get a convict ancestor, it is like royalty here#genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:22pm via Nurph

Q4: What are the best online resources for AUS/NZ research? #genchat


ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:23pm via Nurph

A4: FamilySearch has all their material listed here: familysearch.org/search/collect…@FamilySearch #genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:24pm via tchat.io

A4 I found this helpful when I startedcoraweb.com.au #genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:24pm via Twubs

A4: For me it has been Trove, Ancestry.com.auand online BDM’s. Oh, and Google. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:26pm via Nurph

Interesting material to be sought on AUS minorities, as well: familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/… #genchat


caitieamandaMay 15, 12:27pm via Twubs

If you’re interested in cemeteries/burials, Aust Cem Index (austcemindex.com) has indexed a lot of burials! Very helpful! #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:27pm via Nurph

So much to learn. That census thing really threw me off. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:28pm via Nurph

Q5: What are other unique #mustknow points before diving into AUS/NZ research? #genealogy#genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:28pm via TweetDeck

@DanteEubanks @FamilySearch Love the Wiki. It’s my go-to for just about everything. And @CyndisList#genchat

leprchaunrabbitMay 15, 12:29pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

RT @caitieamanda The Ryerson Index (ryersonindex.org) has death notices pub’d in newspapers. Some as early as 1803 til now!#genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:29pm via Nurph

.@FamilySearch has a tutorial on NZ BMD:familysearch.org/learningcenter… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:30pm via TweetDeck

And of course you can’t overlook the local societies for info: genealogy.org.nz #NZgensoc#genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:30pm via Web

@ancestryjourney @caitieamanda media release for 2011 census retention & time capsule 60% want it saved naa.gov.au/about-us/media…#genchat

DanteEubanksMay 15, 12:31pm via Twitter for Android

“@ancestryjourney: Interesting material to be sought on AUS minorities, as well:familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:31pm via Nurph

Early NZ newspapers:paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/papers…#genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:31pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A5 Civil registration for each state is different.#genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:31pm via Twubs

In regards to NZ newspapers, their online archive is Papers Past (paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/papers…). That solved a huge brick wall for me! #genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:32pm via Web

My article on researching in Australia on @UnlockThePast websiteunlockthepast.com.au/how-do-i-start… #genchat#genealogy

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:32pm via tchat.io

A5. The websites for the State Libraries have family history information that is useful. Also State Archives. #genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:33pm via tchat.io

National Archives of Australia for some immigration records, and for service records for the world wars. #genchat


A5: Yes, State Archives hold mostly Govt records but they can be a big help too. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:34pm via Nurph

Q6: For those “in the know,” would you say AUS/NZ is #genealogy friendly? Are they open to the inquires and questions? #genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:36pm via tchat.io

Q4. For Queensland, I have used this website.judywebster.com.au #genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:37pm via Web

Q6 AUS/NZ is #genealogy friendly some great free sites, lots of indexes & digital records online in archives & libraries #genchat

geneapleauMay 15, 12:38pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@HicksShauna can you recommend some online archives & libraries? #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:38pm via Nurph

Q7: How do you use the passenger lists, ships lists, etc in your #genealogy#genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:39pm via TweetDeck

Q7, con: And where do you find them? Esp online.#genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:39pm via Web

@geneapleau depends what state/territory you are researching #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:39pm via TweetDeck

Q7, con: And where do you find them? Esp online.#genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:40pm via tchat.io

A7. There are some on Ancestry. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:40pm via Nurph

Convict Transportation Records, 1787-1870findmypast.com/articles/world… #genchat

caitieamandaMay 15, 12:41pm via Twubs

A7: I have used this one in the past for NSWmariners.records.nsw.gov.au #genchat

Bibliography for New Zealand Bound Shipping found on the Internet atfreepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~nzbound/bibli… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:42pm via TweetDeck

NZ: 1839-1850 – Mainly New Zealand Company passengers and emigrants under government assistance #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:42pm via TweetDeck

NZ: Before 1839 (no passenger lists). #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:43pm via TweetDeck

AUS: Ship Passenger Lists for all areas in the 1800’s hotkey.net.au/~jwilliams4/pa… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:44pm via TweetDeck

German Immigrants to South Australia 1837 to 1860: theshipslist.com/ships/australi… #genchat

There does seem to be a lot of overlap, various websites, etc. @caitieamanda #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:45pm via TweetDeck

@geneapleau Actually, I pulled most from @FamilySearch wiki. #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:46pm via TweetDeck

There was so much on the Wiki, I didn’t even have time to get to @CyndisList for this one. #genchat

DanteEubanksMay 15, 12:49pm via Twitter for Android

“@ancestryjourney: Here’s the @CyndisList list of AUS links : cyndislist.com/australia #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:49pm via Nurph

We’ve actually covered a lot of territory tonight.#genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:49pm via tchat.io

A7 This one I posted earlier gives a good summary coraweb.com.au #genchat

HicksShaunaMay 15, 12:50pm via Web

#genealogy in Australia is deceptive it really is 8 countries in one nation (states/territories)#genchat

DanteEubanksMay 15, 12:52pm via Twitter for Android

“@ancestryjourney: There is much to learn when engaging in AUS/NZ #genealogy, I think. Makes me wish I had ancestors there… #genchat

ancestryjourneyMay 15, 12:54pm via TweetDeck

Great to have folks from AUS/NZ join us tonight for their insight and expertise. Thank you! @caitieamanda @HicksShauna #genchat

AnnepastsMay 15, 12:54pm via tchat.io

A4. early census available on Ancestry.search.ancestry.co.uk/search/db.aspx… #genchat

SteelyGenesMay 16, 4:11pm via HootSuite

@leprchaunrabbit Census & musters okay for Australia up to 1841 – aft that not so good but Electoral Voter Rolls on Ancestry help #genchat

SteelyGenesMay 16, 4:34pm via HootSuite

@ancestryjourney Ancestry good for Bounty Immigrants info fr 1837 -also NSW State Shipping Immigration Recds ow.ly/wUo9S #genchat

SteelyGenesMay 16, 4:38pm via HootSuite

@HicksShauna yr welcome – it’s very hard with American Ancestors around 1850’s as BDM’s not registered unlike in NSW & Qld #genchat

SteelyGenesMay 16, 4:40pm via HootSuite

@HicksShauna journey of finding one American ancestor – across USA, UK, Australia, South Africa & Namibia ow.ly/wUoAU #genchat

SteelyGenesMay 16, 5:55pm via HootSuite

@HicksShauna thks best learning -keep turning page in Ancestry on US Consular Records in Sth Africa – 5 pages in record not 1 page #genchat

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SteelyGenesMay 16, 4:11pm via HootSuite

@leprchaunrabbit Census & musters okay for Australia up to 1841 – aft that not so good but Electoral Voter Rolls on Ancestry help #genchat


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