National Family History Month Geneameme


NFHM2014 Geneameme – This challenge was posted by Pauleen at Family History across the seas.


I hadn’t participated in many Geneameme’s before as the time never worked out quite right for me, but this time it worked

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  1. What are you doing for NFHM?
    • Discovering stories of my Hicks line at Kokoda New Guinea – ahead of their Last Post Ceremonies at the Australian War Memorial in September 2014
    • Sharing about the Lost Village of Sherbrooke at U3A in Dapto
    • Organising a speaker on Dark stories from the Illawarra’s Court Records at the Illawarra Family History Group where I am President
    • Trying to email back to cousins’ enquiries on Family History and make those phone calls to relatives that I hadn’t got around to
    • Planning some more Family History Road Trips in NSW and Queensland for later this year
  2. What do you hope to learn in NFHM?
    • More about my McKenzie line from other cousins & my husband’s Green line
  3. Do you research at a family or local history library?
    • Family history section of our local Wollongong City Library
  4. Do you do all your research online?
    • 99% is done on line
  5. What’s your favourite place to store your family tree?
    • I put the family history on WordPress blog sites – drawn from my husband’s database
  6. If offline, which genealogy program do you use? (do tell us its strengths/weaknesses if you like)
    • My husband has been using Brother’s Keeper since 1997 and it has 20,000 names in it – so I can ask him to provide me with a file on which ever part of our family I need. BK allows photos and stories to be added and accepts GED files from our many cousins
  7. How do you preserve your family stories for future generations?
  8. Have you any special research projects on the go?
  9. What is your favourite family history research activity?
    • Discovering lost stories and bringing them back to life via blog sites
  10. What is your favourite family history research place/library etc?
    • Home and Family History Section of Wollongong City Library
  11. What is your favourite website for genealogy research?
    • Trove – unbelievable amount of information there – second would be NSW BDM and third would be – there’s a fourth – Wikitree
  12. Are you part of a Facebook genealogy group? If so which one?
    • A heap – Sherbrooke, First Fleeter Peter Hibbs, First Fleeter James Bradley, First Fleeters John Small and Mary Parker, McCosker Family and more
  13. Do you use webinars or podcasts for genealogy? Any tips?
    • I like webinars but mostly get to them later as I always seem to be busy when they are scheduled
  14. Do you use social media? eg Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
    • Facebook, Twitter including #GenChat, Hootsuite, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Diigo,, Feedly
  15. What genealogy topic/class have you learnt the most from this year at a webinar/conference/seminar?
    • Using OneNote and Evernote for note taking and planning at Unlock the Past at Parramatta in February 2014 and participating in the #GenChat via Twitter session on organising your family history for 2014
  16. Do you have a favourite research strategy to knock down your brick walls?
    • Check it in Trove, use Twitter, Facebook, Google+,, Feedly to keep an ongoing monitor stories of what others are doing to break down brick walls, put something up on one of my family history websites – often someone comes up with the missing information – and always ask my husband to see if it is something that I have forgotten in his vast Brothers Keeper data base
  17. Have you used DNA testing for your genealogy?
    • No
  18. Have you made cousin connections through your DNA tests?
    • N/A – but I have found setting up Family History Websites is great cousin bait
  19. Do you have a wish list of topics for NFHM 2015?
    • Finding your Irish ancestors, Resources that integrate the plethora of material emerging on WW1, more tips to get the most out of Trove, getting more out of, FindMyPast and MyHeritage
  20. What do you most love about your family history research?
    • Discovering and recording the stories of my family that I never ever expected to know

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Caitlin from Genealogically Speaking blog was very 2014 and presented hers as aYouTube video – do click on it to see what she had to say.

Genealogy Leftover (Judy)

Geniaus (Jill)

Jane Taubman’s Family Home (Jane)

Library Currants (Carmel)

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises (Shauna – convenor for NFHM2014)

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7 Responses to National Family History Month Geneameme

  1. cassmob says:

    Thanks for joining in Kerrie Anne…sounds like you are kept very busy with all the activities! Way to go…a backup genealogist in the husband…we should all have one! It seems the thing that unites all the geneabloggers is the desire to know our ancestors’ stories. Great idea about a WWI theme for next year.

  2. GeniAus says:

    So you have a research assistant to manage your data! I really enjoed reading this poat and seeing how many irons you have in the fire – thanks for giving us a window into your world.

  3. Yes I am busy so was really excited to be able to do a Geniaus Hangout last Sunday night. I am indeed fortunate to have a “research assistant”. Biggest thrill for me during NFHM was receiving photos of my great great grandparents and then being able to share them via the Waters Family Web page. Also I actually forgot to mention attending a meeting in early August of the South Coast Fellowship of First Fleeters where I am also President. As a postscript to NFHM at this morning’s meeting our speaker mentioned that her husband had DNA testing done and connected with two cousins, one in England and one in the USA. It has become very special for them, which I found interesting, as I hadn’t heard too many Australian stories of the outcomes of DNA testing.

  4. From Family Tree Frog I heard about Facebook groups, including some new one’s:

    Australian Genealogy
    Devon Family History Society
    Australian Family History and Genealogy
    The Book of Me Written By You
    The Organized Genealogist
    Who Did (Didn’t) You Find Today
    British Isles Genealogy
    Genealogists for Families Project
    Technology for Genealogy
    Sunday Scan Day

    And from The Genealogy Bug, I learned of the Facebook group, Technology for Genealogy – and found a cousin was already there !

  5. I liked the share from Geniaus via Jane Taubman
    “The PIP Process. Persistence, Inventiveness and Patience. Persistence – keep at it, try, try and try again. Inventiveness – harness your creative powers, think laterally to find your way around a problem. Patience – just like Snow White believed that “one day my prince will come” believe that some day you will find your answer, it make take two, ten or twenty years to find that magic sledgehammer. Hey – I just invented the PIP process – my bit of creativity for National Family History Month.”

  6. Good comments from Library Currants about webinars “I like recorded webinars as one can then choose to selectively watch – i.e fast forward, rewind as needed. … What genealogy topic/class have you learnt the most from this year at a webinar/conference/seminar?
    How to structure and use research logs.

  7. Shauna Hicks is so busy, and I liked reading her comments about her own family histories
    “How do you preserve your family stories for future generations? I been blogging for about five years and slowly putting my stories online. I have also done drafts family histories for all my families and I need to update them and put them into a more permanent format.

    What is your favourite family history research activity? As most of my research is done I like to write up the family stories and of course this then highlights any missing pieces which I then try to research.

    Do you have a wish list of topics for NFHM 2015? As I will be coordinator again in 2015, my wish is that every Australian genealogy/family history society gets behind NFHM and hosts some events in their area. It can be as simple as changing the name of their August meeting to NFHM meeting or having one of their library days as an NFHM open day. There are hundreds of societies across Australia but only 46 are participating in NFHM 2014.”

    I didn’t get to do Shauna’s 31 Day NFHM challenge though I probably could tick off about 15-18 of the challenges. Some good ideas in the list –

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