Why do Genealogy on the Internet aka why not Blog your Genealogy

In the June 2014 issue of my Local Family History Group’s journal, Illawarra Branches (No. 119), David Milne included an article from Dick Eastman on “Genealogical Privacy” – March 30 2014. Recently Dick Eastman was interviewed over at Ancestry.com on How Technology has changed the Family History Industry – some interesting thoughts there.

It was certainly worth a read as it raised many issues and tried to allay concerns about privacy and genealogy.

I started putting family history on the internet nearly two years ago and the feedback has been very positive and helped make connections in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, which otherwise would never ever have happened. So I’d encourage people to look at using the Internet – you never know who will find you and they might be able to help you in your research.
I’ve used WordPress and the sites that I’ve set up are :
Hicks –  McKenzie – Joy Family
• Callcott –  Macintyre Adams Family
First Fleeters – also Peter Hibbs
Macintyre Adams Family

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Below is some of the feedback on these sites that I’ve set up :
• “Good Morning, my name is Stan .. and I am the great grandson of Archibald Blundell (though he died long before I was born). During the Christmas break I have been doing further research into the Blundell family tree and came across a link to the Hicks family website, which is a well produced website, most impressive. ”
• “Hi, my name is Marilyn… . I am the great grandaughter of William Hicks and his wife Margaret, formerly Southam formerly Jessop.
I have been researching my Hicks family on and off since about 1968 when a birth certificate from N.S.W. was 12/6. I found this site fascinating and interesting to see all the names and places we have spread out throughout Australia.”
• “The children in the photograph are adorable. 🙂 I found you through the Geneabloggers newsletter. Welcome! ”
• “This looks like a great blog and it’s obvious you’ve done an awful lot of research! Welcome to Geneabloggers and from a fellow Australian researcher. Good luck on your journey!”
• “I am the great grandaughter of Richard and Emma Hicks ( nee Payne).. I am delighted to find this website.I live in Woodford Queensland.”
• “My great grandfather was Hamilton Herbert Hicks the 12th son of James and Margaret Hicks. .. To date I have only researched the Rogers side of my family, so it was a surprise and a delight to come across this site. What amazes me when I look at the both sides of the family is the same given names are constantly reoccurring. Even in my generation. Thank you for all your hard work.”
• “Thank you for your informative posts. I am researching the history of the house we have recently purchased … I was interested to see your enquiry, Arthur and Ida Webb were my grandparents, my mother was their eldest daughter”
• “That is really interesting stuff Kerrie 🙂 Thank you.”
• “Hi I am a great grand daughter of Joseph Henry Hicks from his marriage to Emma Algar… I found your page very interesting, I have been to Bega and Moruya trying to find some information about the Hicks family.”
• ” Thank you for allowing me to join your family history and sharing your information. I have started to search my husband’s side of the family. ”
• “Wow! Thank you Kerrie! Very insightful article! You weren’t wrong about my rogue of a great grandfather! … Thanks for all your extended research! It I’d very enjoyable for my brothers, aunts and uncle xx”
• “Hi Kerrie – what an incredible amount of research has gone into the Mackenzies’ story here. Hats off to you !
I am a great great great granddaughter of Angus and Mary, coming down from Alexander Jnr / Ann McLean and their daughter Catherine Mackenzie – Ross (Mary Ann Hicks’ younger sister)”
• “I’ve read a few good stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for revisiting.
I surprise how much attempt you set to create
the sort of great informative site”
• “I am descended through Catherine & Henry Sheather [not Shearer !] Would like to make contact some time”
• “My name is Morris T, son of George T Jr. At the moment I’m living in ….and if you wish to contact you can on …”
• “Hi I am excited that I read your Callcott Family in Illawarra as your Alfred Freeman Callcott is my great grandfather William Thomas Callcott’s brother.
Wonder if you may have photos of Alfred’s ancestry family & more details of Thomas Calcott (convict) & Mary Freeman??? as I have a lot trouble to find their background.”
• “My Great Grandfather was Edward William Richard Riley b1862. My grandmother, Edward’s daughter, was Margaret Elizabeth Riley b 1884 married to William Henry Wicks b1888 in Manilla. I have had no end of trouble trying to trace the Riley line.”
• “Great job with webpage. I am sending information through to my siblings. My father was John… , son of Cyril… . My brothers and sisters are many and I will pass on further information to you.”
• ” My fourth Greatgrandfather was James Bradley. We are descended from their daughter sarah.”
• “A very interesting account of the Small family. I knew Joan Adams and used to play tennis with her about 40 years at the tennis courts adjacent to Thirroul Railway Station. It is a small world.”
• “I am interested in what information you have on the bradley side as James Bradley and Sarah Barnes are my great x7 grand parents through Rachel Rebecca’s brother Job Joesph Bradley.”
• “Hi I have an inquiry into the Small family, would you have any information on David Newton SMALL and his wife Robina ? His grandson David SMALL Jnr has asked me if he would be related to our SMALL Family. I am married to George &Sarah PATFIELD nee SMALL 4xGrandson.As my research has been on the Patfield family I promised him I would try and find out as he hasn’t got a computer.”
• “James Bradley was my fourth great grandfather through his daughter Lucy”
• “I found this site by chance. I am a descendent of William Collins (1816-1879) who married Sarah Berringer. William was born to Thomas Collins who arrived on the 2nd Fleet (apparently there were two Thomas Collins’). William was a carter, which explains his travels. Four of William’s children migrated to NZ after ~ 1895, one being my great grandfather F A A Collins and his children. My grandfather (7 Fred) came back to Aust after ~1925, while his brothers (10 Ernie, 11 Vic and 12 Syd ) stayed on in NZ with the resultant large descendent line. Ours is relatively small here. Thanks for the information re NZ, some of which I was aware of.”
• “Hi Kerrie, congratulations on your website, it is fantastic.
I am a descendant of James Bradley, via Joseph (Job).
My father, has researched the family tree, and we have quite a bit of information too.
I would be interested to know the sources of your information on James Bradley, so I could build more of a picture of his background.”
• “Is it possible to purchase, Sailing On… The Hibbs Line?”
• “Wow great story and really good how you have followed all the clues in the different countries.” – from Shauna Hicks
• “Hey. Im the 3rd generation of George Tiearney who died in 1966. His eldest son was my grandfather. We live in South Africa. How can I contact you?”

So I’d say with such positive feedback it is worth using the internet for your family history


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  1. GeniAus says:

    Kerrie Anne I couldn’t agree more. Cousin bait reels them in.

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