Genchat 2015 – What’s new this year – 2015.01.02

First #genchat for 2015 – What’s new this year ?

There were lots of comments about getting organised and what to cover this year :  –  tips of course, different ways of doing things & also some proposed chats to focus on Genealogy Societies too. Not everyone was planning to follow Thomas Macentee and his suggested “Do-Over” of past research – though some suggested it could be more of a review rather than starting all over on your family history research.

The chat ran from 2.00pm – 3.00pm Sydney time with people participating from the USA and including Judy Webster (aka @JudyQld) from Australia – note  there was a whole lot more than what I have excerpted and pasted below.

So I’m looking forward to the next chat on getting organised – but will have to follow it later as I may be volunteering in the Volunteers Kitchen at the 2015 Illawarra Folk Festival.

_genchatJan 02, 4:17pm via TweetDeck

1st #genchat of 2015 tomorrow (1/2)! Join us at 9pm to see what’s new this year!#genealogy


_genchatJan 03, 2:00pm via Nurph

Tonight we’re simply going to talk about what’s new for all of us as a community in 2015. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:00pm via Nurph

So let’s start with the schedule… by now you probably all have it memorized, right?#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:01pm via Nurph

Just in case, here is the

_genchatJan 03, 2:02pm via Nurph

You may notice that the schedule has more on it this year… #genchat

talkingboxgenJan 03, 2:02pm via Nurph

I haven’t decided whether to do the GEnealogy Do-Over or not. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:02pm via Nurph

Instead of the 2nd and 4th weeks, we are doing #genchat every other week!#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:05pm via Nurph

We’ve added more society focused chats (as requested) #genchat

celialewisJan 03, 2:05pm via TweetDeck

@leprchaunrabbit & organizing the digital or paper clutter, use research logs effectively etc.etc.etc. You know, the usual. #genchat Need!

_genchatJan 03, 2:05pm via Nurph

And Ethnic Focus chat’s, as well! #genchat

PamBCAJan 03, 2:05pm via Nurph

Not doing the Do-Over just yet – still a few things to chase on some family members first! #genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:06pm via Hootsuite

@geneapleau #genchat – hi from DownUnder Australa – I am not doing the Do-Over – too busy and not the right approach for my research in 2015

_genchatJan 03, 2:06pm via Nurph

Welcome @SteelyGenes Glad to see you!#genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:06pm via TweetDeck

@LatvianRoots I’m not. Do-over won’t work if records used before are now closed to the public (hospital & asylum records etc). #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:06pm via Nurph

@JudyQld Good to see you! Happy New Year! #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:07pm via Nurph

Q1: Is the schedule varied and interesting enough? #genchat

kmjordan73Jan 03, 2:07pm via Nurph

@celialewis @JudyQld @LatvianRootsSome folks are doing a “go-over” instead, reviewing and cleaning up their files#genchat

celialewisJan 03, 2:07pm via TweetDeck

@JudyQld @LatvianRoots It’s not that rigid, Judy – many different approaches to the ‘do-over’ #genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:08pm via TweetDeck

@_genchat Happy NY from Australia. Hope it’s a good one for you and everyone else around the world on#Genchat.

GhyxionJan 03, 2:08pm via

I’m looking at a targeted do-over – Certain places that need some additional work.#genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:09pm via Hootsuite

@kmjordan73 I can work with an approach of cleaning up – reviewing files – I’ve been doing that for the last month anyway #genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:09pm via Hootsuite

@JudyQld hey happy New Year from down in the Gong in NSW – how’s the weather in Qld #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:09pm via Nurph

Really hoping we have enough to generate a lot of interest for new participants. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:10pm via Nurph

You all may have noticed that @leprchaunrabbit started something new tonight… Care to explain to the group, my friend? #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:10pm via

A1 – I like being able to look ahead#genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:12pm via TweetDeck

Yes, a Go-Over is definitely my plan. Apart from goals listed on I’ll also be doing 52 Ancestors challenge.#genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:13pm via Hootsuite

A1. I like to look ahead too – but was so busy last year I couldn’t join in all#genchat events – but I tried to follow the tweets later on

_genchatJan 03, 2:14pm via Nurph

BTW, I’m still planning on doing Storify for all of these… but my volunteer has been pretty quiet. Anyone interested? #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:15pm via Nurph

Q2: What do you think we can do in 2015 to grow our community? #genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 2:15pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Explaim? Um? 0.0 What was the question? 😀 TalkbacK is 30mins of feedback from you re: previous genchat topic Tonight: all of 2014 #genchat


JudyQldJan 03, 2:15pm via TweetDeck

@SteelyGenes Happy NY! Northwest of Brisbane it’s overcast, humid & showery. Saying a prayer for those near bushfires down south. #genchat

LatvianRootsJan 03, 2:16pm via

A2: Take on international #genchatvolunteers to run chats at different times… this time not conducive to all timezones!

kidmiffJan 03, 2:16pm via TweetDeck

A2: It’s too bad Geneawebinars doesn’t include chats. There are a lot of them I think that could be highlighted. #genchat

SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:16pm via

A2 advertise, advertise, advertise#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:16pm via Nurph

@kidmiff Actually, genchat is on the Geneawebinars calendar. That’s another reason why I need to do the Google calendar for 2015. #genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:17pm via Nurph

A:2 Some are not sure how a tweet chat works. Maybe do something to teach others how simple it really is? #genchat


geneapleauJan 03, 2:17pm via

@kidmiff Webinars would make a good topic #genchat

lamacki88Jan 03, 2:18pm via Twitter for iPhone

A2: promote it to the gen societies who are on Twitter #genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:18pm via Nurph

A blog post may be good. They could read step by step perhaps? #genchat

KerrieAnneJan 03, 2:19pm via Hootsuite

I found the #genchat on tech tools really great last year – and #genchat on researching other countries eg across the pond in UK last year

_genchatJan 03, 2:19pm via Nurph

@CarolinaGirlGen Step by step… what? How to send a tweet? (not trying to be obtuse, just want to be clear) #genchat

SeekingSurnamesJan 03, 2:20pm via Twitter for Android

@_genchat a2 maybe invite some others from a similar, as close as can be, to#genchat?

geneapleauJan 03, 2:20pm via

A2. I blogged about it. And I’m always retweeting that it’s coming up #genchat

SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:20pm via

@_genchat @LatvianBlog @LatvianRootshow about blogs, fb groups, ftm mag, conferences etc #genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:21pm via

A2. Pass on the info to your FB groups!#genchat

lamacki88Jan 03, 2:21pm via Twitter for iPhone

A2: could promote to gen societies by providing short generic article for their newsltrs maybe #genchat


geneapleauJan 03, 2:21pm via

A2. Pass on the info to your FB groups!#genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:21pm via Nurph

Also there is a need to know where to go to chat. Some need more instruction than others…. #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:21pm via TweetDeck

A2: #genchat Having a good info tweet/fb post prepared for gen societies to easily retweet/fb share to spread the word.

JudyQldJan 03, 2:22pm via TweetDeck

@CarolinaGirlGen good idea (blog post & step-by-step #genchat instructions). If someone writes it & sends me the URL I’ll publicise it.

jbron1jonesJan 03, 2:22pm via Twitter Web Client

I think the speed of genchat can be intimidating to some. #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:22pm via TweetDeck

@SteelyGenes @kidmiff #genchat I use a column in Chrome Tweetdeck. Very handy.

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:23pm via Hootsuite

A2. need to perhaps some positive benefits of participating in #genchat – many folks in gene community in Australia don’t even use Twitter

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:23pm via Twitter for Android

Greetings! Happy New Year & sorry I’m late. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:25pm via Nurph

Q3: We have conferences built into the 2015 schedule… do you find that a valuable use of time? #genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 2:25pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@ancestryjourney YM, you’re the website wizard, think you can piece together a chat lesson how-to? #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:25pm via

Could we come up with a cheat sheet of basic bio stuff? MT @celialewis: @amycrow @leprchaunrabbit I still don’t get who is every1 #genchat

genaortegaJan 03, 2:25pm via Twitter Web Client

I think overall people don’t understand the benefits of Twitter and genealogy and chats #genchat


SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:25pm via Hootsuite

A2. to avoid getting swamped during the#genchat I star some of the tweets and it helps me to keep track during the chat and afterwards

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:26pm via Nurph

A3: Love the chats from conferences. Especially ones that I can’t attend. Helps me know what is going on! #genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:26pm via Twitter for Android

A2 one way of growing the community is inviting newbies to twitter & those looking to increase the genealogy community base. #genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:26pm via Nurph

A3: Love the chats from conferences. Especially ones that I can’t attend. Helps me know what is going on! #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:26pm via TweetDeck

A3: Yes. I won’t be attending conferences this year, so it’ll be nice to attend virtually.#genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:27pm via TweetDeck

@SparrowBeth73 I honestly don’t know any young people who use Twitter. Despite statistics, they’re all on FB. & they don’t do gene. #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:27pm via

Like Name, Twitter name, location, main genea-interests MT @leprchaunrabbit: @Ghyxion @celialewis @amycrow Who is whom is everyone #genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:27pm via

@_genchat @kidmiff yes, because it’s more personal from your #genchatfriends

_genchatJan 03, 2:27pm via Nurph

@geneapleau @kidmiff Ah. That helps, thanks. #genchat


SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:28pm via

@kidmiff many young people use Twitter but not into genealogy #genchat

SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:28pm via

@kidmiff many young people use Twitter but not into genealogy #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:28pm via TweetDeck

@celialewis @kidmiff When I worked in a library, the group most resistant to computers was 35-50. The seniors wanted to learn! #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:29pm via

Look at setting up a template and then have us provide info MT @leprchaunrabbit: @Ghyxion Okay, I think I have my homework #genchat

celialewisJan 03, 2:30pm via TweetDeck

A3 – not going to conferences (no $), it’s great to follow the twitters from people. Learn a lot, and feel the excitement.#genchat

genaortegaJan 03, 2:30pm via Twitter Web Client

.@_genchat I think one of the biggest ways we can all help is RT chat schedules and telling our societies, etc. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:31pm via Nurph

There are a few speakers that include#genchat in their lectures, and it always helps. #genchat


leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 2:31pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Okay — unscheduled interruption — what do you need to know? For #genchatprogramme of Who is who?

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:32pm via Twitter for Android

A3 I think that would be an added benefit! Connects community now rather than later. #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:32pm via

Still looking at my original 4 categories RT @leprchaunrabbit: Okay — unscheduled interruption — what do you need to know?#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:33pm via Nurph

Q4: What is most important to you about your #genchat experience? What must we strive to maintain? #genchat

talkingboxgenJan 03, 2:34pm via Nurph

A4: I love that everyone is so willing to explain things! #genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:34pm via Nurph

A4: There are no dumb questions. We are here to help and support! #genchat

AreyoumycousinJan 03, 2:34pm via Hootsuite

@_genchat I would be glad to promote#genchat on my blog and social media

jbron1jonesJan 03, 2:34pm via Twitter Web Client

A4. Fun! And interesting. Always learning something. #genchat

PamBCAJan 03, 2:34pm via Nurph

A4 – I love the collaboration with everyone! #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:35pm via TweetDeck

A4: I also love that there are people froma variety of backgrounds and a variety of places. That means a variety of ideas!#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:35pm via Nurph

I am asking all this b/c we want to be sure we are listening to the community… not just running off and doing our own thing#genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:35pm via Hootsuite

Q4. I like it on #genchat when people talk about their approaches & what they are using – but also they take me to areas I hadn’t thought of

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:35pm via TweetDeck

A4: I’m still new, so I’m still learning the basics. Everyone is incredibly friendly and willing to answer basic questions.#genchat

SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:35pm via

A4 love to learn something or get reminded of something, plus the fun and friends #genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:35pm via

A4. Helpful, accepting, and fun! And i love that we’re not rigid about the conversation. #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:35pm via TweetDeck

A4: There’s a diversity in research backgrounds and experiences that lends itself well to a variety of topics. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:35pm via Nurph

A4, con… Do you think it’s more about community or about education? #genchat

talkingboxgenJan 03, 2:35pm via Nurph

A4, con: Both! Love of education encourages a sense of community.#genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:35pm via

@_genchat A4, con: it’s education through community #genchat

GhyxionJan 03, 2:35pm via

A4 – Like the friendly, welcoming atmosphere – As @CarolinaGirlGen said#genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:36pm via TweetDeck

A4: My own genealogy is one big honkin’ mess, but I write about historic true crimes & conduct genealogy of people in my stories. #genchat

LatvianBlogJan 03, 2:37pm via Twitter for Android

A4: it’s sometimes nice just to share stories without watching someone’s eyes glaze over in this type of format 🙂#genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:36pm via

no, but it’s fun to try to figure it out together! RT @_genchat: We don’t have all the answers. #genchat


AreyoumycousinJan 03, 2:37pm via Hootsuite

A4. Love the fun atmosphere and collaboration. I always learn something new. #genchat

IrishMasonJan 03, 2:38pm via Nurph

A4: New to this I can already tell I’m going to love talking to other researchers! I’ve sorely missed that since leaving lists.#genchat

MeetyouinOhioJan 03, 2:38pm via Twitter for iPhone

A4: #genchat is a great way for folks that can’t attend events, that their is a great, helpful community


JudyQldJan 03, 2:38pm via TweetDeck

A4: With limited time available & slow Internet connection, what matters most to me in #genchat is learning from others & sharing my tips.

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:38pm via TweetDeck

A4: Appreciate discovering interesting new people to follow on Twitter–people I might not have found otherwise!#genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:39pm via Twitter for Android

A4 We must maintain communication, openess, & the drive to be a blessing to others through our discussions! #genchat

celialewisJan 03, 2:40pm via TweetDeck

A4 – Mostly I want to interact with more fun genealogists! #genchat

brandyheiJan 03, 2:39pm via Twitter Web Client

A4- The education component is important, but the community aspect makes #genchat what it is. Research takes a lot of quiet hrs alone…

_genchatJan 03, 2:40pm via Nurph

Q5: If there was only ONE thing you would want us to focus on in 2015, what would it be? #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:41pm via TweetDeck

@brandyhei Agreed. But when you have questions about said research, a lot of times you can find the answers here. 🙂#genchat

celialewisJan 03, 2:42pm via TweetDeck

A5 – ummmmmm well…. ummmm Shrugs. #genchat

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:42pm via Nurph

A5: I am interested in how others handle their work flow. So I guess that would be a good ONE! #genchat

PamBCAJan 03, 2:42pm via Nurph

A5 – genealogy is so varied as a topic – how do you focus on one thing? #genchat

LatvianBlogJan 03, 2:43pm via Twitter for Android

Q5: Tentatively.. genetic genealogy? I might just be overly excited about it right now…#genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:43pm via Twitter for Android

A5 Continued dialogue on the hot topics like #OPS, borders & geography. Maybe do a Part 2 or focus on a particular region/cpuntry. #genchat

GenealogicalGemJan 03, 2:43pm via TweetDeck

@_genchat A Q5 maybe continue as was but focus on strengthening #genchatcommunity

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:43pm via Hootsuite

A5. It would be interesting to have something on #genchat about writing “that genealogy book” I’ve been thinking about doing forever

MeetyouinOhioJan 03, 2:43pm via Twitter for iPhone

A5: Organization. I did so well in research this year I buried myself into my own wall#genchat


SparrowBeth73Jan 03, 2:43pm via

A5 i am excited about the organization topic #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:43pm via TweetDeck

A5: I’d like to know more about reaching out to families when you’re researching their historic black sheep. #genchat

lamacki88Jan 03, 2:43pm via Twitter for iPhone

A5: 1) How to, 2) where to, 3) tech for. Well, that’s three… #genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:43pm via TweetDeck

A5: tips about resources & strategies, especially things that people in other countries may not realise could be relevant to them. #genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:44pm via Twitter for Android

@kidmiff @brandyhei So very true! And you always reread everything! #genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:44pm via Twitter for Android

@kidmiff @brandyhei So very true! And you always reread everything! #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:44pm via TweetDeck

@DanteEubanks Yep! I scroll up & down so much, I make myself dizzy, LOL!#genchat

ancestryjourneyJan 03, 2:44pm via TweetDeck

A5: for me, it’s thinking about genealogy in new ways. Exploring non-traditional resources. #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:44pm via TweetDeck

A5: And I’d like to know how to research when you’re the first gen born in your current country, and your own family won’t help. #genchat


LatvianRootsJan 03, 2:45pm via

@kansaswriter I guess that would depend on what the previous country was, and why they don’t want to talk (trauma? fresh start?) #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:45pm via Nurph

Heh. I think we just wrote the 2016 schedule… #genchat

MeetyouinOhioJan 03, 2:46pm via Twitter for iPhone

A5: also not forgetting about #genchat in 2015. It always helps me recharge and refocus

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:47pm via TweetDeck

@IrishMason Had a cousin tell me there is at least one illegitimate male in the line in each generation, but no one will say who.#genchat

SteelyGenesJan 03, 2:47pm via Hootsuite

a5. I wasn’t into genetics this time last year in #genchat – until my husband got prostrate cancer & he’s ok now -so finding info was good

geneapleauJan 03, 2:47pm via

@kansaswriter @talkingboxgen I keep hearing that’s common problem with new immigrants:just want to focus on the new,forget the old #genchat

LatvianRootsJan 03, 2:48pm via

@kansaswriter Most of my clients are from similar situations. Information is out there. But be ready to find tragedy along the way #genchat

brandyheiJan 03, 2:48pm via Twitter Web Client

A5- my ONE thing: fleshing out the bones for ancestors/family groups. I want to turn timelines into stories. #genchat

IrishMasonJan 03, 2:48pm via Nurph

@kansaswriter I have one that terrorized me online for years because she was supposed to be the ONLY researcher in the family. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:48pm via Nurph

Maybe we need more open forum chats? I know #IDGchat tried to do brick walls, but not sure if it really worked… ??? #genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:48pm via TweetDeck

A5 contd- to explain my comment re other countries… is ‘Finding Genealogy Data in an Unexpected Country’. #genchat

GenealogicalGemJan 03, 2:49pm via TweetDeck

A5 #genchat perhaps evening on how to use Twitter/Social media in general more effectively for #genealogy research

llawson3967Jan 03, 2:49pm via Twitter for iPad

Let’s start with making a research plan!#genchat

brandyheiJan 03, 2:49pm via Twitter Web Client

A5 cont: Always interested in tools & tips to help me think about my ancestors in multi-dimensional ways. #genchat


_genchat  Maybe we need more open forum chats? I know #IDGchat tried to do brick walls, but not sure if it really worked… ??? #genchat2:48pm, Jan 03 from Nurph

CarolinaGirlGenJan 03, 2:49pm via Nurph

@_genchat Not many participated. But maybe it will for #genchat

geneapleauJan 03, 2:49pm via

@_genchat IDK…our chats are usually quite open to begin with #genchat

IrishMasonJan 03, 2:49pm via Nurph

A5: @brandyhei I couldn’t agree more! I like giving them new life! Fleshing them out. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:50pm via Nurph

@geneapleau They are, but always with a pre-determined topic. What if no topic?#genchat

kmjordan73Jan 03, 2:50pm via Nurph

Back from phone call – A4: community – education is happening lots of places, but educating with community is better!#genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:50pm via TweetDeck

@_genchat @leprchaunrabbit@llawson3967 Both mom and dad are from Croatia/former Yugoslavia. War-torn region. #genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 2:51pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Determine topic from submissions given at beginning of session? Fly by the seat of your pants research — best ideas come from that #genchat

kmjordan73Jan 03, 2:51pm via Nurph

A5: Love to talk DNA – SCIENCE! #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:51pm via TweetDeck

@llawson3967 I am convinced if ppl knew how to do them and did them well and often, they’d eliminate a lot of brick walls.#genchat

JudyQldJan 03, 2:51pm via TweetDeck

Signing out of #genchat now with this positive news: ‘What we can look forward to at Findmypast in 2015’,

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:51pm via TweetDeck

@IrishMason Mine family is weird, too. And I’m good with that! It’s who we are.#genchat I’m fascinated by how we came to be who we are.

llawson3967Jan 03, 2:52pm via Twitter for iPad

@kansaswriter @_genchat@leprchaunrabbit Start plan with what you know you can do. Figure out who has records. #genchat

GenealogicalGemJan 03, 2:52pm via TweetDeck

@llawson3967 Research plans are great idea! Started mine with 2015 Goals then which prompt/challenges doing …#genchat

kmhanksJan 03, 2:52pm via Twubs

a5: genealogy products to share #genchat

talkingboxgenJan 03, 2:53pm via Nurph

I’ll jump on the research plan bandwagon too! #genchat

SeekingSurnamesJan 03, 2:53pm via Twitter for Android

@_genchat maybe open mic every so often is good? #genchat #genchat love to just talk without an agenda to follow

IrishMasonJan 03, 2:53pm via Nurph

Happy New Year all! Thanks for having me & wow I feel like I fit in already! lol I need to learn self control though. #genchat

kmjordan73Jan 03, 2:53pm via Nurph

I’ll add research logs to those research plans… #genchat

DanteEubanksJan 03, 2:53pm via Twitter for Android

A5 Another neat idea is talking our#Ancestors inventions &/or contributions to our #history. That would be great!!#genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:54pm via TweetDeck

@geneapleau @talkingboxgen Once heard a professor say, “People don’t give up everything they know and love because life was good.” #genchat

kidmiffJan 03, 2:54pm via TweetDeck

@kmjordan73 And finally, a research report (soundly reasoned and coherently-written conclusion). #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:54pm via TweetDeck

@LatvianRoots No doubt. But our story is our story. Even the ugly parts. #genchat

genaortegaJan 03, 2:54pm via Twitter Web Client

@_genchat @SeekingSurnames You could also have guest hosts to give you a break. You could be there just not have to lead#genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 2:54pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@genaortega That was the original purpose of TalkbacK 30mins lead-in @SeekingSurnames @_genchat #genchat

kmjordan73Jan 03, 2:55pm via Nurph

@kidmiff This sounds suspiciously like….methodology!! GPS!!! ORGANIZATION!! Yes, it could happen to you… #genchat


IrishMasonJan 03, 2:55pm via Nurph

@DanteEubanks THAT is awesome! That’s what inspired my One Place Study!#genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:56pm via Nurph

Oh, and can I ask that ya’ll make sure you follow this new #genchat account? Appreciate it…. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:57pm via Twitter for Websites

Next chat: Let’s get organized in 2015!#genchat on Jan 16, 9pm central.#genealogy

SallyOnTheGoJan 03, 2:57pm via TweetCaster for Android

A5 mine are #DNA and time management! #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:58pm via Nurph

Last little favor to ask… Added “Tweet this” links on the schedule. Please use them! #genchat

LatvianRootsJan 03, 2:58pm via

@kansaswriter It certainly is. The whole story should be known, but not everyone wants to. People lived through hard times. #genchat


llawson3967Jan 03, 2:58pm via Twitter for iPad

@kansaswriter @_genchat@leprchaunrabbit That’s part of the process! Prove it right or prove it wrong, but prove it! #genchat

genaortegaJan 03, 2:58pm via Twitter Web Client

@kmjordan73 @SeekingSurnames@_genchat That’s why I usually keep to myself and not speak up! #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:59pm via Nurph

Thanks all! We’re officially done for the night. I appreciate and value all of you and your feedback. #genchat

_genchatJan 03, 2:59pm via Nurph

Working to make this a fantastic year for#genchat! #genchat

kansaswriterJan 03, 2:59pm via TweetDeck

Whoa! I’m feeling inspired! #genchatWHAT? We’re done already?!


_genchatJan 03, 3:00pm via Nurph

@Ghyxion @leprchaunrabbit Liam, we can set up a form on the website that should make this easy. #genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 3:00pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

Remember: 30minutes prior to #genchatyou can TalkbacK!

DanteEubanksJan 03, 3:01pm via Twitter for Android

Another awesome #genchat with some awesome folks! Peace & blessings to all!#genchat

leprchaunrabbitJan 03, 3:02pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@GenealogicalGem It’s 30mins of unscheduled chatter, last week’s#genchat, brickwalls, happy dances, etc

DanteEubanksJan 03, 3:02pm via Twitter for Android

Have a fantastic week ahead & best wishes to all in your 2015 researchendeavors! Collaboration,Communication, & Support! #genchat

JudyQld Jan 03, 3:32pm via TweetDeck

@SeekingSurnames if you like chatting without set topics as in #genchat, try#AncestryHour too. I find it especially good for UK #genealogy.

mfhy2k Jan 03, 4:18pm via Twitter Web Client

Looks like I missed a good #genchattonight. I need to make sure I get the next one.

_genchatJan 03, 2:57pm via Twitter for Websites

Next chat: Let’s get organized in 2015!#genchat on Jan 16, 9pm central.#genealogy

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Interests - Travel, Photography, Developing Websites, Social Media, Writing, Local History, Researcher, Genealogy
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