A New Find – MuseumHour Chats via Hootsuite

An interesting find : #MuseumHour chat about Collaborating in Museums

– via Twitter & Hootsuite

museumhourJan 26, 6:55am via Hootsuite

#museumhour is on. Join us to discuss#Regions and what benefits it brings to your museum joining up with others in yours. Mon 20:00 GMT.

museumhourJan 26, 11:00pm via Hootsuite

Do you run a museum network for your#Region? Tell us what you do#museumhour at 8pm UK time.

MuseumBroadsJan 27, 7:05am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour Eve #museumhour – region is area of contrasts – busy & tree lined 2 wild & wooly – loads of history & fab

museumhourJan 27, 7:10am via Hootsuite

Does your #Region receive special funding to help boost your projects with local communities or long-distance visitors? #museumhour

EFDMuseumJan 27, 7:10am via Twitter for iPhone

Support from big nationals is great but always great sharing, advice & support from regional museums #community#museumhour @museumhour

jennifuchsJan 27, 7:10am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour Greetings from Berlin!#museumhour

BromleyMuseumJan 27, 7:14am via Twitter for Android

Need heritage in #regions. So important: for residents, for tourists, understanding our incredible varied hist! Not jst capital!#museumhour

HeritageHourJan 27, 7:14am via Twitter for Android Tablets

@museumhour hi, we’re your new baby brother, @HeritageHour. Pleased to tweet you. #HeritageHour #MuseumHour

museumhourJan 27, 7:15am via Hootsuite

Are you the principal museum of your#Region? How do you tell its story and raise issues important to your communities? #museumhour

museumgeekJan 27, 7:16am via Twitter for Android

@museumhour and big changes ahead in our region for museums as local government is changing from 26 to 11 councils in april #museumhour

fhpellegrinoJan 27, 7:16am via Twitter for iPhone

As someone working in museums I find networking & regional meetings through @SHAREmuseums & #MDOs like @EssexMDO so useful #museumhour

MuseumBroadsJan 27, 7:17am via Twitter for iPhone

@tehm @TheNMMC @museumhourlandscape is major part of museum & lives of the people who have lived there#museumhour

communityHistSAJan 27, 7:17am via Twitter for iPhone

.@ChristinaLister And sometimes we visit museums in #regions where there are no made roads just dirt! #museumhour

HLFEoEJan 27, 7:19am via Twitter for iPad

@museumhour we also have @SHAREmuseums & #HLFsupported@SHARED_Ent, building capacity of museums of all sizes across the #East#museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:20am via Hootsuite

Is your #Region historical or an administrative unit? Does this help or hinder perceptions of your museum?#museumhour

JaneShowellJan 27, 7:22am via Twitter for Android

I think in terms of sharing knowledge and having discussions should not be limited to regions though. Platforms like#museumhour is useful.

elspethnorgeJan 27, 7:24am via Twitter for iPhone

@JaneShowell Definately. I think toughest thing professionally about #regions is lack of a ready made network #museumhour

museumgeekJan 27, 7:24am via Twitter for Android

@museumhour l find it useful to network with other regions as we often face the same issues regardless of where we are based #museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:25am via Hootsuite

Funder in your #Region? What are you looking for from your regional museums?#museumhour

communityHistSAJan 27, 7:25am via Twitter for iPhone

@tehm @ChristinaLister wow WA seems a long way away to most Australians let alone to UK peeps! #museumhour

JaneShowellJan 27, 7:26am via Twitter for Android

A regular meeting perhaps at a place where we can all reach can be good#museumhour

jennifuchsJan 27, 7:27am via Twitter for iPhone

We’ve created a ‘Museum Think Tank Berlin’ for staff from across museums to come together & share ideas.#museumhour

MaryRoseMuseumJan 27, 7:28am via TweetDeck

Learn about how the @MaryRoseMuseumgot where we are today –maryroseshop.org/thestorycontin…#MuseumHour #MuseumBooks

RuthHechtJan 27, 7:28am via Twitter for iPad

in the days of email, Skype & social media is it as easy to work with partners in other parts of the country as yr own region?#museumhour

michael1665Jan 27, 7:28am via Twitter Web Client

Regions can be more significant than capitals e.g. North of England, home of industrial revolution & power behind British Empire #museumhour

SHARED_EntJan 27, 7:29am via Twitter for iPhone

New to regional working & v. impressed at how supportive museums are working together in #fundraising cohorts and @SHAREmuseums #museumhour

RuthHechtJan 27, 7:29am via Twitter for iPad

@tehm I struggled to get people in Cornwall to meet further north than Plymouth #MuseumHour

TWBC_MuseumJan 27, 7:30am via Twitter Web Client

We emphasise our position at heart of the High Weald as permanent landscape region more than an ephemeral local govt region #museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:30am via Hootsuite

Who visits or works for a satellite museum of a Central museum? What relationship do you have with the mother ship? #Regions #museumhour

elspethnorgeJan 27, 7:31am via Twitter for iPhone

@ChristinaLister @tehm @RuthHecht Is the issue time and money rather than willingness? I know that’s why I don’t travel more #museumhour

RuthHechtJan 27, 7:32am via Twitter for iPad

in Bristol people won’t blink at travelling to London to see an exhibition, but don’t think about going to Birmingham.Why?#MuseumHour

ChristinaListerJan 27, 7:34am via Twitter Web Client

@elspethnorge @tehm @RuthHecht yes there’s a lot of competition for people’s time & money these days #museumhour

MuseumBroadsJan 27, 7:34am via Twitter for iPhone

@tehm @RuthHecht Use Skype all the time with our museum & it works really well #museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:35am via Hootsuite

Are you a #Regional representative or do you run a museum network? Tell us about it #museumhour

tehmJan 27, 7:36am via Twitter for Mac

In Italy meetings often held to show people a new place, they’ll bus people in @elspethnorge @ChristinaLister@RuthHecht #museumhour

ChristinaListerJan 27, 7:36am via Twitter Web Client

@RuthHecht hype and awareness? Perceptions of quality and must-see-ability? Habit? #museumhour

tehmJan 27, 7:37am via Twitter for Mac

Reluctance to travel, limited time and worthwhile? Need a whole package to attract @elspethnorge @ChristinaLister@RuthHecht #museumhour

tonybutler1Jan 27, 7:37am via Twitter for iPhone

Always found in UK, town and country split a barrier to good regional working rather than London and other cities#MuseumHour #regions

RuthHechtJan 27, 7:37am via Twitter for iPad

@tehm @elspethnorge @ChristinaListerwe definitely need managers to realise how important it is to get out & see things#museumhour

WesleyHobartJan 27, 7:38am via Twitter Web Client

#museumhour Regional fairs – a great way to celebrate local heritage. Apple Festival from the Huon, Tasmania.

ChristinaListerJan 27, 7:40am via Twitter Web Client

@tehm @elspethnorge @RuthHecht time-poor can mean risk-averse – experiences must be amazing. Good reviews & word of mouth = key #museumhour

WesleyHobartJan 27, 7:40am via Twitter Web Client

#museumhour In OZ our museums operate under Fed, State and Local gov’t. Different funding, public holidays & recipes for ginger nut biscuits

SEMFederation Jan 27, 7:42am via Twitter for iPhone

Hello @museumhour we are the#regional museum federation for the South and East of England #museumhour#region

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TWBC_MuseumJan 27, 7:42am via Twitter Web Client

We support two volunteer-run museums in the High Weald – Cranbrook & Eden Valley – through the Museum Mentor role

elspethnorgeJan 27, 7:44am via Twitter for iPhone

@ChristinaLister @RuthHecht @tehm Was just thinking that. We rarely get anything but regional press. Frustrating.#museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:45am via Hootsuite

Does your collecting policy cover your#Region? How do you go about developing your collection?#museumhour

RuthHechtJan 27, 7:47am via Twitter for iPad

@MDO_Hamp_Solent True. I guess it’s all about personal relationships – once built can be sustained, despite geographic distance #museumhour

AmandaCHartJan 27, 7:47am via Twitter for iPhone

Our collecting policy covers the Cotswolds region #museumhour

MuseumofdrugsJan 27, 7:48am via Twitter for iPad

@museumhour would be great if museums could open up more to private collectors to exhibit. Would love to showcase more. #museumhour

WesleyHobartJan 27, 7:49am via Twitter Web Client

#museumhour On plus side 3 layers of govt can produce different solutions & create ops for innovation e.g. @arts_tasmania Roving Curators

communityHistSAJan 27, 7:52am via Twitter for iPhone

Work with around 200 community museums #SouthAustralia inc 62 in our accreditation prog #museumhourcommunity.history.sa.gov.au

EFDMuseumJan 27, 7:53am via Twitter for iPhone

Thanks to @HLFEoE we are making the museum accessible! Also unique via onsite, visible #collections storeefdmuseum.com/2014/10/23/upd…#museumhour

MDO_Hamp_SolentJan 27, 7:54am via Twitter for iPhone

@tehm and support museums to accept and navigate a complex, dynamic environment – that’s the real world!#museumhour

museumhourJan 27, 7:55am via Hootsuite

What else do you have to say about your#Region? Does it work for your museum?#museumhour

LaurenEphJan 27, 7:55am via Twitter Web Client

How can collections represent regions when we all live so alike now? Especially contemporary collecting? #museumhour#region

hellohistoriaJan 27, 7:56am via Twitter Web Client

#Bridgend doesn’t have a museum but if you are interested in the history of our area check out my blog:hellohistoria.blogspot.co.uk#museumhour

RegistrarTrekJan 27, 7:59am via Mobile Web (M5)

.@museumhour I think museums can be something like landmarks for their#Regions #museumhour

SEMFederationJan 27, 8:00am via Twitter for iPhone

Your local #museum federation provides networking, study days and the place to share advice, ideas & support#museumhour #region


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