Museum Hour – Co-curation and Co-creation

another #MuseumHour chat via Twitter

museumhourFeb 03, 6:00am via Hootsuite

An hour to go… Get your #museumhourhats on – we’ll be talking #cocreation and#cocuration with @EssexMDO – be there or be square…

museumhourFeb 03, 7:05am via TweetCaster for Android

Have you been involved in a #cocreationproject? Tell us all about it

MirandaStearnFeb 03, 7:05am via Hootsuite

Happy #museumhour all. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s views on#cocreation and #cocuration (a subject close to my heart)…

museumhourFeb 03, 7:05am via Hootsuite

#Cocreation or #cocuration – Are they the same thing? #museumhour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 7:06am via Twitter for Android

@JaneShowell @museumhour#museumhour cocuration with @NorfolkWI to celebrate 100yrs of inspiring women @GressenhallFW for 2015 temp ex

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:06am via Twitter for Android

Ours @lutonculture is @MuseumMakers a whole different coproduction as we call it#museumhour

EFDMuseumFeb 03, 7:09am via Twitter for iPhone

Here are some images of our co-curated community cabinet #WWI project as part of @SHAREmuseums cohort#museumhour

MirandaStearnFeb 03, 7:10am via Hootsuite

Here @heritagelottery we have things to say on the subject in our Community Participation guidance…#museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:10am via Hootsuite

What issues have your projects faced and how have you overcome them?#museumhour

haslemeremuseumFeb 03, 7:10am via TweetDeck

Guides created panels & then curated exhibition deciding on layout etc#museumhour The exhibition was fantastic & the process so enjoyable

communityHistSAFeb 03, 7:10am via TweetDeck

Our trav childhood exhib Once Upon a Time was #cocreation with 5 community groups #South Australia

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:12am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour Eve #museumhour – we r only a small museum & do often work with others locally – Coypu is on loan at present @timetidemuseum

SuzieElizabethTFeb 03, 7:12am via Twitter for Android

I co-edit a peer review journal on community archaeology and heritage (@CommunityArchae), we’re very interested in #cocreation #museumhour

EFDMuseumFeb 03, 7:12am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour co-curating has exciting outcomes -fresh ideas/concepts but can be hard to encourage freedom but within boundaries #museumhour

WesleyHobartFeb 03, 7:13am via Twitter for iPad

@ucavictas Our ongoing union of 3 church denominations commits @WesleyHobartto #cocuration of tangible and intangible heritage #museumhour

MirandaStearnFeb 03, 7:15am via Hootsuite

Suspect there are many @heritagelotteryprojects involving #cocreation – if you’re involved in one, let us know how its going#museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:15am via Twitter for Android

Everyone truly benefited @museumhour ? Wow! a tough criteria.The question is then when would you say that volunteer benefited? #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:15am via Hootsuite

Do museums have a voice of authority and does #cocreation undermine
that? #museumhour

michael1665Feb 03, 7:18am via Twitter Web Client

The digital realm must be ripe for co-creation. Here’s one…#museumhour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 7:19am via Twitter for Android

@JaneShowell and being realistic about what you can achieve with time limited projects..think SMART! #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:20am via Hootsuite

Is this approach taking off in other sectors? What can we learn from
them? #museumhour

TWAMmuseumsFeb 03, 7:20am via Hootsuite

Especially for our 1st #museumhourhere’s a visitors’ favourite from @GNM_Hancock. See her in behind the scenes tours

MirandaStearnFeb 03, 7:20am via Hootsuite

Here’s a quick case study example I found earlier to get you started… #museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:21am via Twitter for Android

This looks like a crowdsourcing project, @michael1665 is it the same with cocreation? #museumhour

kimbiddulphFeb 03, 7:21am via Twitter for iPhone

. @michael1665 how much of a 2-way street is crowdsourcing on a digital project? #museumhour cc. @MicroPasts

museumhourFeb 03, 7:22am via TweetCaster for Android

@SuzieElizabethT Ah, so papers about#cocreation rather than co-creating the magazine…? #museumhour

kimbiddulphFeb 03, 7:24am via Twitter for iPhone

@SuzieElizabethT @museumhour are community archaeology digs a form of#cocreation #cocuration? #museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:24am via Twitter for Android

SMART @CuratorMeg yes and facilitating the discussion with volunteers to together make the SMART objectives.#museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:25am via Hootsuite

Has being involved in a #cocreationproject changed how you work
generally? #museumhour

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:25am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour Adv we have is that we r run primarily by volunteers some have a day job & can bring differing views#museumhour

michael1665Feb 03, 7:26am via Twitter Web Client

@kimbiddulph @MicroPasts Hi. The volunteers were trained then chose their favourite images to pin. #museumhour

SuzieElizabethTFeb 03, 7:27am via Twitter for Android

@kimbiddulph @museumhour they can be abt #cocreation I think, also journal scope is wider than ‘typical’ archaeology#museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:28am via Twitter for iPad

We worked with a Theatre Director on our last exhibition; it was challenging but has added massive value to visitor experience#museumhour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 7:29am via Twitter for Android

@museumhour we just launched pinterest boards. Hope to explore more in future @GressenhallFW #museumhourany advice?

art_e_factsFeb 03, 7:29am via Twitter Web Client

.@MuseumBroads I was thinking abt you. So many donated artefacts. Closest to#cocuration that I’ve seen @museumhour#museumhour

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:30am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour We wouldnt get steam launch out the water each year if it wasn’t 4 the close relationship with next door boatyard #museumhour

haslemeremuseumFeb 03, 7:31am via TweetDeck

@JaneShowell @kimbiddulph@SuzieElizabethT @museumhourabsolutely – for us theme decided in advance but Guides decided details#museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:33am via Twitter for Android

Aw ok. They are trained. So they were in the early discussion when the project is decides? @michael1665 #museumhour

10_penelopeFeb 03, 7:33am via Twitter Web Client

@museumhour social media have facilitated some interesting changes in the balance of power #museumhour

communityHistSAFeb 03, 7:33am via TweetDeck

.@museumhour Opportunities for community engagement #cocreation is just as important as the exhibition – both great outcomes #museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:33am via Twitter for iPad

@museumhour age old question in community arts / socially engaged practice – the answer is that both are equally important #museumhour

WHConservationFeb 03, 7:35am via Twitter for Android

Hello #museumhour. Has anyone mentioned the value of volunteers in conservation yet? One of our favourite topics!

museumhourFeb 03, 7:35am via Hootsuite

Are some #cocreation projects tokenistic? Is that ok? How can it be
avoided? #museumhour

LebelAubeFeb 03, 7:36am via Twitter Web Client

#museumhour : @MONS2015 (european culture capitale) have a huge#participatory programmation. Inspiring !

museumhourFeb 03, 7:37am via TweetCaster for Android

Do we forget the “co” part of #cocreation? Do decisions sometimes become one sided (either way)? #museumhour

kimbiddulphFeb 03, 7:37am via Twitter for iPhone

.@museumhour by sharing examples of it done well, tips. Shout about your successes (and mistakes) so others can build on them. #museumhour

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:37am via Twitter for iPhone

@art_e_facts @museumhour Well thank u – yes we have loads & always getting new things donated! #museumhour

MuseumDiscussFeb 03, 7:38am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour There will always be people who work harder than others, unbalancing the “co” of creation/ curation#MuseumHour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 7:38am via Twitter for Android

@kimbiddulph @museumhour to quote @JohnOrnaO dont be afraid to fail#museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:38am via Twitter for iPad

Handing over power to ‘ordinary people’ is scary for some curators,but if true collaboration then both sides can really benefit #museumhour

WHConservationFeb 03, 7:39am via Twitter for Android

.@CuratorMeg We started out as heritage volunteers ourselves. Invaluable for preserving collections and heritage skills#museumhour

michael1665Feb 03, 7:39am via Twitter Web Client

@RuthHecht creative people from other fields can be inspirational…#museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:40am via Hootsuite

What are your top-tips for a successful#cocreation project? #museumhour

kimbiddulphFeb 03, 7:41am via Twitter for iPhone

@RuthHecht absolutely. First time I handed project mngmt to post-grads working with secondary students, I panicked! #museumhour

haslemeremuseumFeb 03, 7:41am via TweetDeck

@museumhour communication – has to be good & both ways between partners#museumhour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 7:41am via Twitter for Android

@WHConservation i’m an ex museum volunteer too…#museumhour now coordinate fab team of over 120 @GressenhallFW volunteers

MDO_Hamp_SolentFeb 03, 7:42am via Twitter for iPhone

@WHConservation we’ve had some good training bursary bids this year to train conservation volunteers @GilbertWhites@Fort_Nelson #museumhour

MarDixonFeb 03, 7:42am via TweetDeck

.@MirandaStearn #cocuration works when everyone feels they are on the same white page. Dream big w/out boundaries to start. #Museumhour

MuseumDiscussFeb 03, 7:42am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour Top tip; communicate at ALL stages of the project! #MuseumHour

SuzieElizabethTFeb 03, 7:42am via Twitter Web Client

These days I’m lecturing and researching#museology so the examples coming up in #museumhour are fantastic – thanks everyone for discussing!

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:43am via Twitter for Android

We are writing our infographic at the moment on museum makers @kimbiddulph #museumhour will definitely be sharing

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:43am via Twitter for iPad

@michael1665 yes – so many opportunities to work with people from other art forms in co-curation – dancers/poets/digital etc #museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:44am via Twitter for iPad

@museumhour trust and respect#museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:44am via Twitter for Android

.@museumhour consultation is not really cocreation. #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:45am via Hootsuite

How have you evaluated a co-produced project? #museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:46am via Twitter for iPad

@michael1665 yes – the ‘we’ in that sentence is the challenge – some more willing to than others #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:47am via TweetCaster for Android

@MirandaStearn Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’ll need. Also communication & cake #museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:47am via Twitter for Android

In all sorts of manner, quantitative, qualitative, annonymous surveys, direct feedback, interviews @museumhour#museumhour

haslemeremuseumFeb 03, 7:47am via TweetDeck

@museumhour Exit questionnaire aimed at original aims & GLOs, vis figs & vis comments #museumhour

kimbiddulphFeb 03, 7:48am via Twitter for iPhone

@RuthHecht @museumhour mutual respect is key #museumhour

JaneShowellFeb 03, 7:48am via Twitter for Android

True! Tea and Cake are pretty vital in cocreation 🙂 @museumhour@MirandaStearn #museumhour

RuthHechtFeb 03, 7:49am via iOS

#museumhour look at this complete handover of power to local people – University of Local Knowledge

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:49am via Twitter for iPhone

@WesleyHobart Fabulous – wish I could see that! Plse post some photos! We do love our Australian followers!

MadgeDresserFeb 03, 7:53am via Twitter for iPhone

“@RuthHecht: Is cocreation about working with non-professionals or non-museum

people? #museums need both, & both r v different #museumhour

WHConservationFeb 03, 7:53am via Twitter for Android Tablets

.@museumhour conservation often misunderstood as all white coats & microscopes, which can be difficult in recruiting interest #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 7:55am via Hootsuite

Last question: would you take a co-produced approached again?#museumhour

guptgargiFeb 03, 7:57am via Mobile Web (M5)

@MirandaStearn @museumhour Involve people from beginning, ensure they gain from experience but manage expectations. #cocuration #museumhour

LebelAubeFeb 03, 7:57am via Twitter Web Client

@MadgeDresser @RuthHecht would say co-creation is working with non-museum people : young, oither communities (makers) start-up. #museumhour

ciara_canningFeb 03, 7:58am via Twitter Web Client

@museumhour sustaining longterm relationships & embedding into organisations philosophy is tough in time of cuts #1offprojects #museumhour

MuseumBroadsFeb 03, 7:59am via Twitter for iPhone

@WesleyHobart @MA_SouthAust@communityHistSA I feel we need an urgent museum trip out to Tasmania!!!! Fabulous #museumhour

CuratorMegFeb 03, 8:02am via Twitter for Android

@ciara_canning @museumhour where you can turn 1off into long term relationship #museumhour

museumhourFeb 03, 8:06am via TweetCaster for Android

@TinctureOfMuse @JaneShowell I agree, but sometimes it’s hard to get whole organisation buy-in #museumhour

Katy_WLFeb 03, 9:09pm via Twitter Web Client

Catching up on last nights @museumhouron co-curation. Fascinating to read about amazing projects going on round the country. #museumhour


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