#Genchat August 28 2015 – Hispanic Family Heritage

_genchatAug 27, 7:10am via TweetDeck

#genchat this week: Ethnic Focus: Hispanic Heritage. Learn more atgenealogygenchat.com. #genealogy

JLJMcCarronAug 29, 4:53am via Twitter Web Client

Mi familia es de Colombia! (and I know so little about that part of the family!)#genchat

#genchat @_genchat

#genchat this week: Ethnic Focus: Hispanic Heritage. Learn more atgenealogygenchat.com. #genealogy

_genchatAug 29, 4:54am via TweetDeck

#genchat tonight! Have great suggestions on Hispanic research? We’d love to hear them! Join us – 9pm central! #genealogy

_genchatAug 29, 11:56am via Nurph

Lots of comments on FB about the topic – I was hoping we’d see some new faces.#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:02pm via Nurph

Hey – if the topic doesn’t play out, we have plenty of other things we can talk about…#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:03pm via Nurph

Okay, it’s time. Everyone ready? #genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:04pm via Nurph

Tonight we’re discussing Hispanic research… and it sounds like none of us have a great deal of experience there.#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:04pm via Nurph

Q1: What do you think would be the biggest challenges with Hispanic genealogy? #genchat

susankitchensAug 29, 12:07pm via Twitter Web Client

A1. Knowing where to start. (I want to look into mi cuñada’s familia— ella es de Panamá) Saw some promising stuff on @FamilySearch#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:10pm via Nurph

Q2: Where would you start your research plan for a Hispanic family? #genchat

packrat74Aug 29, 12:12pm via Nurph

A2: FamilySearch also has webinars from Latin American team (both Spanish and English) familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/…#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:13pm via Nurph

One place I would start with is the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America… gsha.net/index.html#genchat

_genchatAug 29, 12:14pm via Nurph

Q3: Would you put more influence on seeking out one type of record over another? Why/Why Not? Which records?#genchat


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