Genchat – The Overland Trails in America – 2015.10.23

David and I both have American heritage way back , so I am always interested in tips from over in the USA. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join in the #Genchat live, as our group, the South Coast Chapter of Fellowship of First Fleeters are hosting the Fellowship of First Fleeters AGM. So I will have to check the conversation later.

David’s great grandfather’s Tiearney family were in St Louis Illinois in the mid 19th Century but by the early 20th Century years they were in California. So we have an interest in how they might have gotten there – and indeed how they got to St Louis – presumably after the ancestors arrived from Ireland ?

I wonder about my American Adams great great grandfather – the name is very common in America – but I wonder if he was on a whaling ship that came to Australia ? Did he come from the American north east or somewhere else ?

SteelyGenesOct 24, 1:20pm via Hootsuite

Hosting AGM of Australian Fellowship of First Fleeters in our area at Dapto – will have to follow #genchat tweets later

SteelyGenesOct 24, 1:25pm via Hootsuite

After American War of Independence  so no more convicts there – Britain eventually sent convicts to NSW colony ie The First Fleet#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 10:35am via Buffer

330 Years of Unknown History: The Oldest Road in America Finally #history

_genchatOct 24, 12:47pm via TweetDeck

#genchat at 9pm Central! Join us for discussion on the Overland Trails!#genealogy

NebrStGenealogyOct 24, 12:48pm via Twitter Web Client

Join us for #genchat in 12 minutes or so. Overland Trails….those went thru Nebraska for sure. #genealogy

_genchatOct 24, 1:01pm via Nurph

Welcome! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:01pm via Nurph

Good evening all! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:01pm via Nurph

Tonight promises to be an excellent conversation – I hope you all have your traveling clothes on! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:02pm via Nurph

Tonight’s topic is the “Overland Trails” — so many of our ancestors traveled these paths. Are you ready? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:02pm via Nurph

Q1: What is the earliest Overland Trail you know of? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:06pm via Nurph

Would you believe 1598? Per @FamilySearch Camino Real de Tierra Adentr (Chihuahua Trail) – Mexico City to Sante Fe. #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:06pm via Nurph

(You guys are quiet tonight!) #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:07pm via Nurph

Here’s the list – recognized overland trail systems:…#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:08pm via Nurph

There’s actually 1 before that – but doesn’t have a date. “Pre-History” #genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:08pm via

A1. Here we go: the Old Connecticut Path 1636…#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:08pm via Nurph

Good news, right? They’ve been around forever. #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:08pm via Nurph

How does that effect us? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:09pm via Nurph

Q2: How does researching Overland Trails help your #genealogy? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:13pm via Nurph

Q3: How do you determine if your ancestor traveled along an Overland Trail? #genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:15pm via TweetDeck

A3: Newspapers can offer huge clues!#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:15pm via TweetDeck

A3… as in the newspapers back home. Where did they start from? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:17pm via Nurph

Q4: Just curious – how many of you can say that you have evidence your family traveled on a O.T.? #genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:20pm via TweetDeck

A4: Have a family letter that says CA trail. Also have newspaper clippings along the route. #genchat #amazing

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:20pm via TweetDeck

A4: I know I’m the exception here…#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:22pm via Nurph

Q5: How do you start on the process of this type of research… when you don’t know for sure what route they took? #genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:24pm via TweetDeck

A5: For my miner research – I always start w/origin community. Where did they start? What trails were close to them? #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:24pm via Nurph

A5 cont: plot your family known locations to see if a pattern is visible #genchat

melaniemccombOct 24, 1:25pm via Hootsuite

A5. Newspaper articles. I have seen several articles detailing the departure of a family member leaving to be a priest in the West#genchat

GR_PearceOct 24, 1:26pm via TweetDeck

A5: Check records in key stops along potential trails for mentions of travelling ancestors #genchat

halfacadianOct 24, 1:26pm via Twitter for Android

@geneapleau @SallyOnTheGo Good guess (and very likely). There were many native trails along the CT river as well. #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:26pm via Nurph

A5: Speaking of… #genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:26pm via

A5 Maybe start with the trails we know are near the place of origin #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:27pm via

A Mormon trail center right nearby in Omaha, NE. #genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:27pm via

@halfacadian @SallyOnTheGo I saw an early settlement map of MA recently that showed the east coast & the area along the CT River #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:27pm via Nurph

Q6: Do you think its possible to firmly identify the trail your ancestor may have taken? Or will it always be just a “guess”?#genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:28pm via

A6: Firmly probably not. Probably just an educated guess. #genchat

llawson3967Oct 24, 1:28pm via Twitter Web Client

@_genchat A6: realistically, the route would be a guess unless you find surviving diaries. #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:28pm via Nurph

A6: If you had diaries, letters, or biographies – then, yes #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:29pm via Nurph

A6: FAN club research increases the chance that you can prove the path your family has taken. Group records = more data. #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:29pm via TweetDeck

@llawson3967 Hmmm… I don’t know. I think there is a good chance of a strong theory based on a reasonably exhaustive search. #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:30pm via Nurph

A6: Study of entire community can yield results not possible with one-family study.#genchat

llawson3967Oct 24, 1:30pm via Twitter Web Client

@_genchat Theory yes, but proven … I’m gonna be exhausted for sure! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:31pm via Nurph

@llawson3967 Well… I didn’t actually say “prove” … 🙂 #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:31pm via Nurph

Half way there. This is a long journey. 🙂#genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:31pm via

@packrat74 So true. People rarely went all by themselves #genchat

melaniemccombOct 24, 1:31pm via Hootsuite

A6: I hope so but I think it’s going to be more of an educated guess #genchat

halfacadianOct 24, 1:31pm via Twitter for Android

A6: Because many of the OL trails east of the Miss. River were so early in US history, an educated guess may be all we have.#genchat

leprchaunrabbitOct 24, 1:31pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A6 If your ancestors were involved in the community’s grass roots; good chance their travels with be in community history#genchat

mikequackOct 24, 1:31pm via Nurph

@leprchaunrabbit Hwy 20 from Niagara Falls to Hamilton was the Mohawk Trail existing today as Mohawk Rd on Hamilton Mtn – Ontario #genchat

llawson3967Oct 24, 1:31pm via Twitter Web Client

@_genchat It’s the era I work in! Everything is proven. #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:32pm via Nurph

A couple of you have already mentioned the diaries… #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:32pm via Nurph

Q7: Have you taken the time to read any printed trail diaries? #genchat

NebrStGenealogyOct 24, 1:32pm via Twitter Web Client

Mormon trail center in… #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:32pm via Nurph

(they often include hints/clues that might help w/your own research!) #genchat

leprchaunrabbitOct 24, 1:32pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

@mikequack Did the Mohawk Trail connect in anyway to Niagara Falls, NY prior to 1840? #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:33pm via Nurph

A7: No, but took webinar at NEHGS about their manuscript collections. #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:33pm via

A7: Not read one myself, but heard excerpts of one. #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:33pm via Nurph

A7: No. But don’t have any ancestors I would tie them too. #genchat

melaniemccombOct 24, 1:33pm via Hootsuite

A7: I have not checked out any of the diaries. #genchat

llawson3967Oct 24, 1:33pm via Twitter Web Client

A7: yes, and I did find mention of my spouses family on the trail to Oregon.#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:34pm via TweetDeck

A7: often. B/C they are interesting, but also give insight to research. #genchat #diaries

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:34pm via TweetDeck

A7: Have found diaries printed for all the major OT systems across U.S. – Canada I’m not sure about. #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:35pm via Nurph

A7: Looking for diaries is on the to-do list.#genchat

leprchaunrabbitOct 24, 1:35pm via TweetChat powered by oneQube

A6 Generation One went fm Liverpool ENG > NYC > Buffalo > Niagara Falls > Hamilton > Toronto #genchat

llawson3967Oct 24, 1:35pm via Twitter Web Client

A7: Pretend it’s YOUR grandmother’s diary. You’ll be engaged in the reading. #history#genchat

mikequackOct 24, 1:35pm via Nurph

@leprchaunrabbit The extension was in 1798 from Livingston Cty to Buffalo, NY – trail went right into Fort Niagara then#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:35pm via TweetDeck

.@packrat74 Inter-library loan them. My local lib has several b/c of our location / regional history. #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:37pm via Nurph

You guys are getting quiet again… #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:38pm via Nurph

Do I need to break out the maps? #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:38pm via TweetDeck

Let’s just start with this one… #genchatThere is much to learn from maps…

_genchatOct 24, 1:40pm via Nurph

This map is clickable – WY, CO, NE: Julesburg to Ft. Bridger #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:40pm via Nurph

Here’s the NPS map for the Butterfield Trail……#genchat

mikequackOct 24, 1:41pm via Nurph… Great info from FamilySearch on Mohawk Trail#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:42pm via Nurph

Here’s a few resources from the Kansas City Public Library…… #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:42pm via Nurph

New England info here: …… #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:43pm via Nurph

Santa Fe Trail Association…

_genchatOct 24, 1:44pm via Nurph

Q8: What resources can we utilize in OT research? (Be creative!) #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:44pm via Nurph

I need N – S data more than E – W.#genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:44pm via Nurph

A8: Google Earth, Google maps, books, ebooks #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:45pm via

@packrat74 Mine are all East-West but almost none went beyond the Rocky mountains. #genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:45pm via

A8. There’s a lot of historical markers out there! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:46pm via Nurph

@packrat74 Did the N/S trails turn into rail lines and highways? #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:46pm via

A8: Google earth, online maps, OT museums, local historians (if you live near a trail) etc. #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:46pm via

@geneapleau TONS of historical markers. It would take forever if I stopped at them all.#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:47pm via TweetDeck

A8: Recreational maps – so many great tidbits on modern hiking maps. #genchat

BGWylieOct 24, 1:48pm via Twitter for iPhone

@mikequack Heading there in 2 wks. Have only one morning. Must maximize time!#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:49pm via TweetDeck

@BGWylie @mikequack Have you checked the NY Research Guide from @nyfamilyhistory ? They would know…#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:49pm via TweetDeck

@BGWylie @mikequack @nyfamilyhistory I would honestly just ask NYG&B for guidance. #genchat

mikequackOct 24, 1:50pm via Nurph

@BGWylie I’m so jealous! My goal to get down there is next Summer! Find me some more Quackenbush peeps! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:50pm via Nurph

RT @packrat74 A8: Academic papers (JSTOR, Google Scholar), population studies websites, community studies#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:51pm via Nurph

We’re nearly done for the night… #genchat

melaniemccombOct 24, 1:51pm via Hootsuite

A8. Documentaries on tv, Youtube #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:51pm via Nurph

Q9: What else is there to learn about Overland Trails and impact on your ancestors? #genchat

SparrowBeth73Oct 24, 1:52pm via

A9: I’m sure there is a lot, but nothing comes to mind. #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:52pm via Nurph

A9: Trails were also the routes merchandise and goods traveled to different markets#genchat

ancestryjourneyOct 24, 1:53pm via TweetDeck

A9: There was often legislation around these routes… would like to dig into that more. #genchat

melaniemccombOct 24, 1:53pm via Hootsuite

A9: Why an ancestor left their original home – was there good farmland? Mining prospect? #genchat

SNiblickOct 24, 1:54pm via Nurph

A9: resources along the trails could also help id hardships #genchat

geneapleauOct 24, 1:54pm via

A9. How about local timelines? Was there a drought? A plague? etc… #genchat

packrat74Oct 24, 1:54pm via Nurph

Land sales! RT @ancestryjourney A9: There was often legislation around these routes… would like to dig into that more.#genchat

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geneapleau  A9. How about local timelines? Was there a drought? A plague? etc… #genchat1:54pm, Oct 24 from


_genchat  @geneapleau Great suggestions!#genchat1:54pm, Oct 24 from Nurph

GR_PearceOct 24, 1:54pm via TweetDeck

A9: Has anyone ever tried taking a road-trip to try to recreate an ancestor’s trail?#genchat

_genchatOct 24, 1:56pm via Nurph

Next chat: Nov 6 – Ethnic Resources: African American Resources #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 2:00pm via TweetDeck

@kenyattadb Next #genchat Nov 6 – Ethnic Resources: African American Resources Would love to have you!

Sir Leprechaunrabbit@leprchaunrabbit

@ancestryjourney Can we get #kenyattaberry to join us???? 0.0 PPLLLEEEAASSSEE! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 2:00pm via Nurph

Thanks everyone – have an amazing weekend! #genchat

_genchatOct 24, 2:00pm via Nurph

Get those maps out and start studying… LOL! #genchat


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