Museum Hour Chat – Political Correctness in Museums

museumhourDec 08, 7:01am via Hootsuite

What does political correctness in a museum look like? #museumhour

cultureandcakeDec 08, 7:05am via Twitter for iPad

@museumhour It could be interpretation that only shows one side of an argument…#museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:10am via Hootsuite

Do people confuse ethics, impartiality and neutrality with a derogatory view of#politicalcorrectness #museumhour

Katy_HeritageDec 08, 7:10am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour perhaps shying away from dealing with difficult topics which could offend, not wanting to upset the apple cart? #museumhour

GrangeBeargirlDec 08, 7:12am via Twitter for iPhone

@cultureandcake In 80s at museum where working it was decided to change ‘golliwogs’ to ‘gollies’ – PC but changing history #museumhour

Katy_HeritageDec 08, 7:13am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour over representing certain groups to appear PC? Could impact interpretation – not telling the real story?#museumhour

haslemeremuseumDec 08, 7:13am via Twitter for Android

@Katy_Heritage @museumhour think#PoliticalCorrectness can be used as excuse not to deal with these#museumhour

AncestryAnneDec 08, 7:15am via Hootsuite

Looking for tips on how to find your ancestor in a census record? I have some ideas for you here:

museumhourDec 08, 7:20am via Hootsuite

Have you got any examples of your museum being accused of#politicalcorrectness in a negative light?#museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:01am via Hootsuite

What does political correctness in a museum look like? #museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:30am via Hootsuite

Do you feel constrained by rules that limit your freedoms of expression and desire to interpret in an unorthodox way?#museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:35am via Hootsuite

How does professional peer pressure to conform to a particular stance affect your work? #museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:40am via Hootsuite

Are the agendas of your funders and stakeholders too #politicallycorrect?#museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:40am via Twitter for iPhone


triziawells @triziawells

@museumhour the language we use reflects our approach & attitude, need to work closely with marketing #museum hour

MA_SouthAustDec 08, 7:41am via Twitter for iPhone

In Oz usual to respect ATSI culture w/ warning ‘may contain images, voices, names of people who have passed away’#museumhour

arranjreesDec 08, 7:44am via Twitter for iPhone

@MA_SouthAust @museumhour that’s an interesting one. Alludes to the fact that this may not be in line with ‘modern views’ too. #museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:45am via Hootsuite

Have you come into conflict with the political sensibilities of organisations and individuals abroad? #museumhour

museumhourDec 08, 7:50am via Hootsuite

What words and phrases have you seen in a museum context of late that you think are #politicalcorrectness “gone mad”#museumhour

Katy_HeritageDec 08, 7:51am via Twitter for iPhone

@museumhour sensitivities from colleagues – some found certain things more/less offensive. Created debate though, which was +ve #museumhour

CPO_Hamp_SolentDec 08, 10:33pm via Mobile Web

Museum and gallery wayfinding: tips for signage, maps and #museums #semdp#museumhour

CabinetofCuriosDec 09, 5:27am via Twitter for Android

#Museumedchat you might be interested in reading the #museumhour tweets from their chat on political correctness

museumhour @museumhour

We’re on later. 20:00 GMT. #PoliticalCorrectness in museums #museumhour


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