Sailing across the Seas – our families’ boat people …

They came from many places in England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa  & America – and arrived in the NSW Colony between 1788 & 1890’s.. when did they come … and on which ships ?

KerrieAnne’s ancestors

Red – Kerrie Anne Christian nee Adams – Blue / David John Christian – Brown / Jenny Adams nee Green – Black

David’s ancestors .. Still Under Construction

  • Thomas Aron Tiearney
    • c.1895 – 1897 arrived on unknown ship into Melbourne, from England or South Africa,  and then returned to South Africa by 1898 – does not appear to have returned to his native America
  • Rosetta Charlotte Roberts
    • 1888 – Iberia with her aunt Henrietta Roberts – from Spitalfields in London


      SS Iberia from SLNSW website

  • Francis Byrne
    • 1816 – transported  on the Guildford  from County Wicklow Ireland


      The Guildford from Laney’s Past website

  • Peter Hibbs
    • 1788 – Sailor on First Fleet Flag Ship Sirius – from Swanage Dorset


      HMS Sirius – courtesy Ahoy Matt’s Web Log

  • Mary Pardoe
    • transported on Lady Juliana 1790


      Lady Juliana – courtesy of findboatpics

  • Thomas Crump
    • 1794 – transported on the Surprize from England – said to have spent time on Norfolk Island and then time in Newcastle
  • Mary Johnson
    • 1809 – transported on the Aeolus after being convicted at the Old Bailey in London
  • Terence O’Brien
    • transported twice from Tipperary
    • 1813 – Transported on Archduke Charles
    • 1824 – Sent home on Midas
    • 1827 – Re-transported Mariner (3)
  • Mary Doyle
    • 1813 – younger of the two Mary Doyle’s transported on Archduke Charles from Cork – Dublin – and was the Mary Doyle sent to Female Factory on arrival
  • James William Smith and Jane Nunn with family including Mary Elizabeth Smith
    • from  Low Lights, Tynemouth, Northumberland – immigrated in 1891  ‘SS Ormuz’


      Ormuz – from Ormuz on Postcards website

  • Amaziah Green & wife Mary Ann Chapel
    • 1834 – Regatta – free from London
  • George Green with an uncle, James Absolom Green
    • 1822 – Eliza – free from London
  • Thomas Bates
    • 1790 – transported on the Neptune in the Second Fleet from England


      Neptune from Belbin website

  • Ann Griffin and parents Michael Griffin & Mary Amos with brothers Nathanial & Thomas Griffin
    • 1791 – Arrived free on Britannia in the 3rd Fleet from England, though Michael is believed to have originated from Galway Ireland.
    • (note another Ann Griffin, convict ( 7 years/ life) arrived with the Albemarle in the 3rd Fleet and who married Michael Delaney which can create confusion)
  • Frances Johnson – Mills
    • 1817 – transported on Lord Melville from Northumberland, England
    • son Johnson brought out to Australia in 1831 on the Renown by his mother, Frances Johnson nee Mills
  • Henry Oliver
    • 1792 – transported on Royal Admiral in “4th Fleet” from England – sometimes listed on Convict sites as James Oliver
  • Margaret Shildon – Sheldon
    • 1796 – transported on the Indispensable
  • Daniel Dering Mathew
    • 1812 – Clarkson – possibly a remittance man from England
  •  Henry Charles Gilbert
    • 1858 – Columbian later renamed Saxonia – Ships Saloon Waiter & Ship’s Steward – born on  Isle of Wight
  • Margaret Ritchie
    • 1857 – assisted immigrant on the Boanerges – was from Forfar Dundee Scotland – ship spent time at the Manly  Quarantine Station due to Scarlet Fever being on board
  • John Peed 
    • Finbar, Cork, Ireland immigrated free in 1838 in ‘Duchess of Northumberland’, with his sister, brother, sister in law and niece as assisted bounty immigrants.


      Duchess of Northumberland from John Bugden’s Wives website

  • Mary Dwyer,
    • 1853 – on the “Australia” –  asrrived with her first husband Charles Charters and family – from Nenagh/Kilnafinch & Toomevara/Toomevary Tipperary, Ireland  (daughter of John Dwyer and Bridget of Kilnafinch ?)
  • Robert Hamilton Whitelaw and wife Elizabeth Guy Jack with eldest child
    • 1855 – “Anna” from Gorbals, Larnackshire Scotland






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