There’s a Tartan for that

Discovering which of my and my husband’s Scottish ancestral lines are Clans, or a Clan Sept, with Tartan … so far, most of them it seems, though some are a Sept of a Clan :

My Scottish Ancestral Lines

In my Joy line, I have also English McKay ancestry – which presumably originates from  Clan Mackay in Scotland way way back somewhere – possibly Caithness ? ? There’s even a suggestion of Pictish origins for the name Mackay.

My husband’s Scottish ancestral lines from the 18th – 19th Centuries:

  • Bell
  • Brownlee – was never a Clan but has been associated with Clan Hamilton (unlike the Highland Clans, it does not have Septs, ie  being a Lowland Clan) and also with Clan Douglas. There is an Australian Brownlee website.
  • Guy – Norman then English  and may have origins in the Guise region in France – so no Clan nor Tartan here it seems
  • Hamilton
  • Inglis
  • Jack – not sure that this was a true Scottish Clan, but there is a Clan Jack Society – with a Tartan
  • Lamb – a Sept of Clan Lamont
  • Ritchie – a Sept of Clan  McIntosh associated with Perthshire and a very common name in Dundee Forfarshire – Angus
  • Stewart
  • Wardrobe – also  Wardrope, Wardroper, Wardrupp, Wardrop, and Whatrup – an old Anglo Scottish Norman name dating from at least the 13th Century –  connection with the Borders area, Bathgate, Midlothian, Fifeshire. It seems not to have been part of a Clan, and so does not have a Clan Tartan.
  • Whitelaw

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