From FFF Founders – The Sons of Charles Dickens on Struggle Street in Australia

Charles Dickens had planned to visit Australia at one time, but never made it.

Charles’ two sons, Alfred d’Orsay Tennyson Dickens and Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens, had emigrated to Australia, and seemed to be forever on Struggle Street, despite some optimistic periods.

Alfred arrived in June 1865, and would become Manager of a Sheep Station, Conoble, north of Hay – which ran 40,000 sheep.

Edward arrived in 1869, and also managed a Sheep Station Mount Murchison of half a million acres near Wilcannia. He married Constance Desailey, whose great grandparents were part of the UK First Fleet – Daniel Stanfield on the Sirius and Edward Kimberley on the Scarborough. Edward became a Town Councillor and then an MP for the Protectionist Party in 1889 for Wilcannia in NSW. He is buried in the Moree Cemetery.

(Sources  : FFF Founders Vol. 41 No.2  & Vol. 36 No.5 Sept/Oct 2005.)

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