North America

My great great grandfather Charles Adams came from the USA – he was born in Albany in 1840. Given that time frame, I’d say it was Albany New York State. He’d arrived in NSW in Australia by the mid 1860’s. Did he leave after the Civil War ? We cannot find a trace of him in Australia from the late 19th Century. Did he return to America or go interstate from NSW in Australia ? We may never know?

Also, we have not yet discovered where Charles Adams’ ancestors originated from, before emigrating to America.

I do have a large cluster of American DNA matches that seem to connect to some of my known Australian Adams matches/relatives. But regrettably, most of these American matches have only small family trees, or none at all. However there are a few in the cluster that do have old New York Colonial ancestry and some with Adams ancestors in New York back then. But these are still not adequate to point to either English, Scottish, Welsh and/or Irish origins of Charles Adams’ ancestors. We many never know the answers  to this question either ?

David’s great grandfather was born in East St Louis Illinois and lived in Missouri before he moved to South Africa.

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